Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's composite !

OK people...
This post is nothing too intelligent or enlightening (there never is!), but an only attempt to end the year on a composite note (rolling eyes :-))
I was just browsing through the blog, and generally replying to some comments, when I my eyes fell on 59. Yeah, that was the total number of blog posts for the year 2011. Now I am a kind of weirdo when it comes to mathematics and numbers.
I like composite numbers more. Not that I don't like the primes, I just like them in their own unique way.

Composite numbers for me spell great compatibilty and flexibility, just because they are divisible by So many Numbers ;-))
So as per the plan, I was going to write the HNY post and some of my vacation details later, but I just had to do this now.
I will be satisfied at the sight of a flexi 60, just like I am right now, after having my favorite bowl of Maggi noodles. A serene contentment and all that ! I hope you guys understand the sentiment.

I hope we all maintain the level of weirdness that we have that just makes us each of us as unique as everyone else! Wat an irony....just like the New Year celebrations...just like Life...which, supposedly, happens to be a prime number in my dictionary!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

An year older, and a better writer ??

I have been eating, sleeping and breathing office for the past 3 weeks or so. So much work that it has gotten inside my system and my arteries and veins that I haven't been able to write ANYthing.
A ficitoanl story that I started, the MOM of the HP Delhi Indiblogger meet, all lie dormant in my Drafts folder waiting to be rescued, to be adorned with a few good words, topped with a mind blowing story and finished off with an amazing twist. But that remains at that. Nothing like that seems possible to me, atleast for now.

But I just remembered, that today was the day I created ny blog and wrote my first ever blog post here.
One year on, I have been engaged, married, been on numerous trips and have interacted and met soo many of you. Its been such an amazing and fulfilling journey so far. Who says blogging is all about being monotonous and sitting and typing in front of your computer? I am loving every bit of it. And missing every bit of it too.

Close to 5000 views on the blog and 21 ardent followers, I think I have not done so bad for myself, even if not mind blowing..isn't it?
And how could I forget, I have been awarded too, by a very dear friend. :-)

It feels good to own this little known part of the virtual blogosphere, where I say what I want to. Without having to think about what others would feel. And you guys make it the best place by just being there. Always. With mind riveting stories, LOLing posts, insightful reads and a whole lot of talent still lying dormant with in all of us. Wishing us all togetherness in Our space for a long, long time to come. Cheers!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bloggers' Meet is here !!

Dear Peoples of the world,
I hope you all have not forgotten me.
I know that I have done the unforgivable deed of not updating my blog for close to 20 days, which is like an eternity in the blogger world.
Its such a "out of sight is out of mind" world out there *wrinkling my nose in distaste*

Anyway, coming back to the point.
The New Delhi HP IndiBlogger Meet  is happening this Sunday, Dec 11, 2011 in New Delhi, India.

I am so excited to be a part of it. Hoping to see (actually see) and meet all you creative people, who have been following my blog and religiously dropping your comments and compliments in my inbox.
Do drop a comment here if you are planning to attend it. Let's meet and have loads of fun in the real world for once ! :-))

It's that time again....

Its almost the same time. This time.
I feel the same feelings.
Happy. Sad. Anxious. Freaky.
Confused as to what is the right feeling that I should feel. But the truth eludes me.
Everybody says what is quite rightly their own perspective.
So I feel what I feel.
The same feelings.
Almost the same time.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Poll khul gyi - II

So, it's that time again. When I declare the findings of my poll and dissect it with my bare hands to come to a logical conclusion about what you guys really think about the question in question!

Your vote matters !
  I am as aghast about the findings of the recent two polls as I was last time (You can check it out here).
After the surprise last time, I was pretty sure I was not gonna be lucky with some interesting poll results the second time around too. But but....You guys never fail to surprise and entertain! A high five to all of you!

Now, whatever happened to my thinking that Marriage was all about emotions and emotional bonding and blah blah...and Infidelity was an extension of people's lust outside their relationships? The tables have been turned, and yet again.

Of the two, the first poll question was: I think Marriage is (with the following options)
a) An eye opener
b) The license to make love
c) A namesake for societal approval
c) A match in heaven solemnized on Earth
d) A donkey life
e) I don't believe in the concept of marriage
f) No Comments

And believe it or not, the maximum number of people marked option (b). And the next most voted answer was option (c). So that led me to think that maybe people don't really care much about the institution of marriage. But ironically enough, the least number of people voted for option (e).
So that kind of makes me conclude that our generation still believes in the institution of marriage, very much, but doesn't really think that the raging hormones be controlled and saved for the wedding night. In a nutshell, I believe our generation just doesn't agree with the red tapism associated with the institution of marriage in our culture, where the groom and especially the bride, is expected to be chaste and a virgin until the D-day.

The second poll question was: According to you, which form of Infidelity is worse? (with the following options)
a) Physical
b) Emotional
c) A combination of both
d) Does a one-night stand count as Infidelity?

Hold your breath! And the maximum number of people voted for option (b) and the next most voted option was option (c). That kind of insinuates the fairly 'free' nature of our generation, physically. That they might think of forgiving a physically infidel partner than the one who has emotionally lost connect with them. Quite mature I would say! And it does make a lot of sense.
What's the use of having to keep a tab on your partner 24x7, just to make sure that he is not having any 'fun' outside the relationship. The relationship should be strong enough to bring him/her back home, every night, and everyday of your life. And what's the use of making love to a partner, who at the same time might be fantasizing about the 'other one'?
I think you get the drift.

I am pretty amazed at the results. After the first poll, I thought that maybe the people are still pretty conventional in their thoughts. But no longer. One person was even bold enough to vote for option (d) ;-))
Just imagine !

But I think I can join the dots for all the three questions in retrospective. That our generation is fiercely protective and very serious about their relationships. And that they would leave no stone unturned to keep it alive and kicking ;-))
And yet, at the same time, they are willing to go all out and experiment with their own boundaries.
Hope you guys had as much fun participating and reading the poll results as I had in compiling and writing about them. Do let me know your thoughts on the same.
Arigato Gozaimasu for all your precious time guys and Sayonara until the next time!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bye bye Bai.....

So, the latest news on my front is that my kaam-waali bai a.k.a. domestic help has taken a two month hiatus to visit her folks, back in her village. And no....don't run away people. This is not going to be another of those crib-full posts that I have been posting lately.

I, for one, is happy. I have seized this opportunity with both hands. You want to ask me How? Go ahead. Ask me.

Ok. The chatter box that I am. You don't really have to prod me all that much to spill the beans.
My bai is gone and now the baton a la jhaadoo (broom) is in my hands. The reason was my ever expanding waist line. Yeah...joining a gym was a better option, you would say. But since I give competition to the likes of snails, tortoises and kumbhkarans of the world, I decided this was an extreme step that I had to take.

So, no more bahanaas about gym timings, late work, blah, blah...I have to do the traditional jhaadu katka. Every day. Period.

Now, I am a fanatic when it comes to cleanliness and I really take to cleaning like H to beer ;-))
But only now did I realize how therapeutic I find, cleaning the house.
Moving all that trash outside the house is so symbolic of removing mess out of my life. I suddenly feel so peaceful. Calm.
And then comes the mopping part. As the mopped floor shines and looks polished, my heart misses a beat. It soars in the sky with a leap, and I look forward to life with a clean slate, just like the floor.

Once everything is done, I move around the house, double-checking and sometimes triple-checking, that everything around, is in order - the cushions on the sofa, the pillows on the bed, not a single crease on the bed sheet, not a speck of dust on the table, not a drop of water on the kitchen slab, dried bathroom floors, and my list continues.

And as I make sure that, indeed, everything is good to go and I am happy and satisfied, the door bell rings. I know it’s time for H to be home. :-)

H: (shielding his eyes) Please get me my goggles....I can't see anything....

Me: (visibly tensed) Arre, kya hua? Show me....I think it's the dust in our eyes.....

H: No baby, the floor is shining so much that I can't look at anything without my goggles. (wink, wink)

Me: Lol. LOL. (Beat him for poking fun at me.)

H: Ok ok...chalo...I'll go and take a bath.

Me: (gives an expression as if somebody just punched my gut) WHAT? But I just dried the bathroom floors....................

H: SO???? Nobody's supposed to use it now?

Me: No, I didn't mean that......... (visibly depressed at the thought of water on the floor)

I curse myself for having brought this upon myself.
It was so good having the Bai. I appreciated her efforts of keeping my house clean, but now I can't stand nobody messing up anything and everything I just straightened.

H tries and keeps up with my paranoia of 'cleanliness' and I, with his requirements of using the bathroom and other places ;-))
Thank God for our peace keeping mission. Otherwise, my house would have turned into a battle ground (quite literally), and I, for one, would have NEVER been able to tolerate the mess ensued.

PS: People, please give me better ideas for loosing tummy fat :-P

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The day I will "go".....

Life is so fickle. As fickle as everything else in this world.
You crack open an egg, a life is destroyed. changes in such simple strokes. There are hundred thousand of such simple strokes which end lives every day, every minute of our lives.

H says I think about Death too much, and too often. But then, what's wrong? Isn't it the only thing that's defined and definite in this indefinable and indefinitely fickle life?
Just like that egg. If it remains where it was laid and hatched like it should have, that's a life. If I have it for breakfast, it’s not. It had to die one day, you would say. Yeah...that's exactly my point. It’s the only thing I know that's for sure is going to happen with me.

I don’t know if I am going to get that elusive promotion. I don’t know if I am going to be able to achieve everything/anything in my wish list. I don’t know anything, except the End.

They say reading a book becomes boring if you know the end. But Life is one such book, where we all know the end, but still the next chapter is a mystery. Because even though we know the end, we don't know which of the strokes is going to end our life.

I don't know how I am going to 'go'. I fear the day, because I don't know what awaits me. I just imagine the quintessential "Hell"-ish things people say I am gonna see ( friends are rude enough to tell me that I am, for sure, going to Hell !!)
I don't know how many of you are going to miss me! But people, do feign a little horror at what I am insinuating and make me feel a tad bit more important that I actually am. ;-))
I am just imagining that if I am able to watch you guys (like they show the dead people in whites in the movies), I would be really sad to watch any of you cry .... but I know, it would definitely give me some grim satisfaction of being loved and appreciated (that is, if I would still have those feelings in me).

But what I would definitely LOVE is all of you remembering me with smiles on your faces (and not tears in your eyes), and to know how I touched a little part of your life and made it special (if I did). And I would love you all remembering me every now and then, and not just get away saying your usual RIPs...I will be a demanding ghost, if I may call myself that !

H will be a little mad after reading this post. Might even consider taking me to a shrink for psychic help! :-P
But what the hell.!!!! Life is too short for having regrets. I don't know what the next moment is gonna cost me. And I wanted to have this little heart-to-heart with all of you before I "go"....

PS: They say Earth is the hell for people on another planet !

Monday, November 7, 2011

For the Love of....LiFe !!!

Nisha sat up in her bed. She could no longer fool herself. She had been awake all night, dreaming…with open eyes. “I think I am in love”, she almost said to herself and giggled at her own foolishness.

It was 5 a.m. on a cool October morning and even though the warm blanket was inviting, she got up and went out for a walk. And while she was braving the morning chilly winds, she was totally lost in her thoughts. She had changed. And how much. She couldn’t believe she was the same person she had been 2 years before.

She had always been an opinionated person, had her own set of morals and standards she stood by. She always prided herself on being an honest and fair person. She had had a theory of her own on almost every subject. And she did what she said. “I hate snakes and hypocrites”, used to be her mantra.
And now, she couldn’t believe herself. She was doing things she had never imagined she would ever do. She felt things she never believed could happen to her. She was saying things she could never ever even dream of.

But life had its own ways. We are foolish to think that life will the turn the way we think it will. And it teaches us precisely that. In its own worldly ways.
When she reached back home, she took a bath and got ready. She checked her appearance in the mirror before leaving the house. “Perfect”, she said smiling ,”just like love”.

She reached her ‘office’, a small rented room taken only a week back. Outside the board read ,”For exciting job offers in Dubai and immediate Passports. Satisfaction guaranteed”. The ‘office’ was located on the outskirts of the city. Gullible people would walk in and hand over their life’s savings to her so that they could go abroad and earn thrice as much for their families. “So what is the harm if I am doing the same for my family”, she justified to herself as she saw people started to come in for the day.

A month later, there is no sign of the ‘office’. The room is empty, save the weather beaten bare walls. People start to gather outside the office before the start for the day. Some have come on the pretext of being promised of a job, others have come to collect their Passports who have already landed a lucrative job in Dubai. As the sun travels across the sky, a little uneasiness sweeps over the crowd. By the evening, the crowd is an angry mob and as impatience gets the better of them, they break open the door of the ‘office’ only to find their worst fears come true.

And a hundred kms away, a train leaves the station and with it the unfulfilled dreams of the scores of people whose money Nisha is eloping with. She has a grim satisfaction on her face. She has fallen into a deep slumber after destroying any signs of an ‘office’ and then travelling 40 kms to catch her train before people were out of their beds. She is dreaming of the time , 2 years ago when her father was alive.

Then ,she had never thought of money more than a means to an end. But after the tragic incident when her father had died in a car accident, the responsibility of her mother and younger sister fell on her. And carefree and playful childhood years ended when she had to do odd jobs to support her family. And her heart cried out for her baby sister, who was eight years younger to her, and she found it difficult to support her studies.
As the train halted at the next station, Nisha was jolted out of her trance and she double checked the locks on her bag which contained her earnings. When she was satisfied, she sat there thinking about her next plan and next destination. She made a mental note to call home and send them a money order as soon as she reached there. She took her diary out and started to scribble,“They say Love makes the world go round. And I think they are damn correct :-)”.

And with these thoughts she turned to her booty in the bag, gave a soft innocent smile and said those magical words “I Love You”.

PS: This is an old post written by me. SOme of you might already have read it on a different forum.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Har ek friend zaroori hota hai...But....

Yeah....har ek friend zaroori hota hai.....aur different bi..!!!! There are acquaintances, friends, good friends and best friends (BF). Everyone has all the above described varieties of friends. But tell me.....can you differentiate between two best friends too? I mean, going by the superlative degree of the verb being used here (best), there is supposed to be only one....but all of us do have more than one best friend..don't we? So, can you choose between them, the better of the best friends, IF you had to?

Even after persistent whines and complaints from S (BF1) that she indeed was better than N (BF2) and that I should acknowledge and say the same, I couldn't. Till now. I found the idea of classifying friends as good, better, best seemed horrendous to me. Almost like casteism. So down market!

But then on days like these, when my mood-o-meter tracks a sine curve, making me maddeningly happy and depressingly sad at the drop of a hat, I do demand a "Show Up" from BFs. And the one who does, is definitely my BFF (Best Friend Forever :-P)

N and S are as different as chalk and cheese. While N is a little like me, S is a classic case of "Opposites attract". So while sometimes I enjoy my "I -too-love-this" times with N, at other times, I just tear a page out of S's life to learn from her awesome attitude. And while "N" just loves the way I write and almost religiously follows my blog, S is a complete cynic who makes sure to ignore my blog as much as she can and reads it only when I shamelessly fling it in her face or make my way to her inbox. So far, S has only commented once on my blog, and no prizes for guessing, the post was about her! So you see....I have the best of both worlds. Ha ! The adulations and cynicism.....
But the problem arises when these two BFs don't get along well. That's the sticky wicket that I gotta face. But then, no pain no gain, remember? ;-)

N, unfortunately, is out of India right now. So, S has the sole responsibility of humoring me and snatching me out of the clutches of gloom that I am covered in right now. I miss N sorely and I am sure this will make S see red. But kya karein...Dil to baccha hai ji.......
S, I am so waiting for you to call..........and trust me, I didn't intend the post to sound like an SOS call. ;-)

And my lovley blogdosts, I miss you all too...but this is the only way I know of reaching out to you. I hope you guys miss me too (that's just wishful thinking !!).
Sayonara until the next post !

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happily Diwali..!!!!!

As I told you in my KC special post, that last week was my Rangoli competition and Diwali game stalls. So the big news is that our team won the second prize in the competition and the stalls were a huge success too. The mood was totally jubilant. Here you go with our prize winning Rangoli. Please let me know if you guys like it too.

And like every year, I will be doing a rangoli for my own house too. Will share those pics with you guys too, and soon :-)
I am sure you all are as busy as I am with the Diwali festivities, shopping for clothes, diyas, gifts and handling the never ending traffic on road.

But it's that time of the year when celebration and enjoyment is in the air and nobody really minds a little extra time. After all, wouldn't you feel weird if you found empty roads while going out shopping for Diwali? Almost the same feeling when you are sitting in the examination hall and cursing yourself for having studied the wrong subject ! ;-))

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to wish all of you a very very Happy Diwali. I pray you all have a great and successful year ahead. I pray that you all touch the pinnacles of success that you have always dreamt of.
I pray that there be no more natural disasters or terrorist attacks anywhere in the world. I pray that everybody has food to eat, a decent shelter to live and clothes on their body. I hope that, atleast, tomorrow everyone has a smile on their face.
I pray to God to give us enough strength to achieve all of the above.

AND And and....Guyss..!!!! I am totally against burning fire crackers as it pollutes our already polluted Mother Earth. So, please refrain from bursting crackers, if you can. Also, please Do not drink and drive. You could utilise that money to achieve any of my prayers above. I would be sooo soo happy knowing even if one of you took my advice. Trust me there is no better satisfaction in life than when you give. You have the power to give so much to the society. And on days like this, please do it! Make sure that everyone around you celebrates the festival in its spirit. And has a smile on their face. :-)

PS: The title of the post is not a typo ;-))

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The First 50....

I had planned on doing a special 50th post...but because of being so busy and all that, completely forgot about it. And as I was just browsing through my own blog, found that I have already published my 50th post. *Sigh* But better late than never...

In a real off mood right now. Sometimes I just feel I could have CCTV cameras installed everywhere I couldn't be. Relying on people for info can be so dangerous. Everyone has their own perspective and it's so difficult to decide who to believe and who not.
The worst part is everyone is so sure. :-(((

Am sad and clueless. Need to figure out a lot of things. Sorry guys for such a depressing post. But this one's just for myself. But I will be back! and SOON! U guys take care until then....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Day to remember...A Day to reckon.....

First things first. This is the first time somebody asked me when I was gonna post next and that she was waiting. Oh My God! Did I just cross that thin line from being just-another-blogger to a celebrity blogger (sorry for the exaggeration guys!!)? But I am just so genuinely happy and excited that I feel like a gargling toddler who has just learnt that he can make some right noises (no pun intended ;-))

I am back after a 5 minute pranayam to soothe my over-dramatic nerves. :-P

So, all that planning and running actually bore fruit. I had an amazing experience celebrating my first Karwa Chauth. This fast is observed by a wife to pray for her husband's long health. What makes it difficult is that the wife cannot eat or drink till the moon's out. But what makes it so special is the love and dedication with which women across the world observe this fast. And for the first timers like me, it sure adds dollops of romance in the kindling fire of love.

For the first time, I was actually excited to go hungry for a day! That's what love does to you. :-)
H gifted me a diamond pendant for the occasion and boy! Was I over the moon?? it.....waiting for it to be out !! :-))

The day went by quite uneventfully until I started to dress up for the evening pooja. I had got my hands hennaed and donned the most beautiful sari in my closet. And that's how happy I looked and felt just before breaking my fast.

We were humming "Chaand chupa badal mein" when chanda mama decided to make the grand entry, the show stopper that he is on the Day. Performed the rituals and broke my fast after having water from H. To sum up, it was great !

And now, the reason for the title of the post. I am a big sucker for memories. This month holds a lot of memories for me. I joined my first company on Oct 29,2007 and left it on Oct15,2010. Joined my present company on Oct 18, 2010 and so complete a year today. H and I also complete 8 months of love and fight and fun and crib filled married life. So far so good.

The rest of the week promises to be as fun filled as the past. I have my Rangoli competition in office tomorrow and my game stalls day after. Wish me luck guys. See you later. Lots of love.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The joker in a magician's robe....!!!!

The blog is facing a draught. And I, the writer's block. No more crazy ideas, no more Alice-in-wonderland imaginations and basically, so-out-of-tune.

But that's only because I am neck deep in work, No, make that forehead deep in work at office and more so at home. As you would have gotten an idea from here. Karvachauth is just around the corner and I am all geared up after all these tedious shopping trips. But then again, no pain no gain :-)

And amidst all this running hanky pansy and putting up new things for the house, I feel like that magician juggler who juggles 4, 5 or even more balls at a time. The only difference being that I am no magician. I drop balls here and there, and then run helter skelter, on my knees, below the bed and down the balcony to retrieve them. In retrospective, I feel like a joker (not the legendary Heath Ledger, of course!) at most times.
But who do I amuse, I don't know. I just hope some people do get amused. What's the use otherwise, no?
Walking the tight rope juggling balls...That's ME..!!!
I am just imagining that maybe, after all, nobody (outside my dreams) is amused watching me make a cartoon of myself.
Oh God! I feel all the more terrible now. I could really kill for some lady-like graciousness and not actually be caught at all times, wearing my oldest ever pajamas and my hair looking like as if I just landed up here from an air crash site! And how could I forget to add, all those supposedly magic balls spilling out of my hands.........wat a magical cum funny sight ! Urghh....

Monday, October 3, 2011

While I yawn.....

I am completely spaced out right now. Into my own.

There is a deafening silence around me. The sound of punching keys brings a sense of comfort. That I am not all alone in this. And that I am in office stirs a little chord in my guilty conscience. But then, I am just sprinkling a little water on a candle that has been lit from both ends. That shouldn't hurt so much, right?

It feels like the lull before the storm. A list of festivities are queued up for the month. We start with Ram Navmi, Dusshera, follow it up with Karvachauth (my first) a week later, and then, Diwali. The month then ends with my nephew's birthday and the next month brings in mom's. I am already mentally tired running here and there, doing the mammoth preparations. Add to it the daily routine of coming to office and going back and looking after the house.

And add to it, the search for a home that H and I intend to buy in the near future and a car that we want to sell off and eventually buy a new one again. And then this dreaded 'Recession' sword hanging on our necks that can come down on us, anytime. It just makes taking a decision so much more difficult.

And then add to it, the mental notes of taking a parlor appointment, getting my bangles and saris in place for the coming festivals and not forgetting to get my hands henna-ed in time.

And then, have to call up the tailor to take the measurements and get the new curtains and sofa covers ready in time. Woof!

I think that's that!
So people, while I yawn and may look like the most lazy person around,  just whiling away my time, I have more than enough on my hands to take care of.
And amidst all that, it just slipped my mind to mention that I got a load to finish before leaving office. *Sigh*

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sue me for the Sue-cide ....!!!!!

So according to a new petition in the High Court, (if it is passed) you will no longer be construed as a criminal on attempted suicide. if it even was a deterrent earlier.

Come to think of it, it must be the only crime in the world for which you can be punished only if it fails and not if it succeeds. God forbid should anyone succeed.

I wonder who makes these stupid laws.  It’s like saying we will shoot you if you can't do it right the first time around. Grrrr....

A few days back, I read news that an IIM-Bangalore girl committed suicide because her boyfriend dumped her on Facebook. C'mon girl! What's wrong with you?  I so wished I had gotten an opportunity to speak to her before she took the extreme step of ending her life. But then, that's just wishful thinking.

People say that there is Nothing so bad that should prompt anyone to end his/her life. But barring a few cases where people are battling extreme conditions or have just lost the faith to fight out the demons in their life or people who suffer from clinical depression, there are others who should definitely take a light year to think before tightening the noose around their necks.

I had never been able to fathom how people gathered the courage to literally kill themselves over petty issues. But then their mindset would be different from ours. If only they could think as logically. Hundreds of students kill themselves every year over not getting into IITs and IIMs. But the buck just doesn't there. People in the IITs and IIMs too kill themselves, for low marks, falling prey to ragging or something as un-trivial as a broken relationship. The ones who couldn't realize their dream of the quintessential IIM would definitely be turning in their graves right now. Imagine their horror if the next grave houses the IIM-B girl. No offense meant, of course.

 On a serious note, people with signs of depression should definitely be treated with respect and not be termed as mental. Our society at large needs to grow up and be made aware about healthy and unhealthy mental living and to be more compassionate about others who seem not as gifted and lucky as us. Remember the "Geet" from "Jab We Met"? Sometimes a little madness and a crappy PJ might just help you save a young precious life.

Keep smiling until the next time :-) Ciao

Friday, September 16, 2011

Poll khul gyi.....!!!

Well.....If you are thinking I am gonna write about any celebrity's or neta's (in)famous (s)excapades, you can rest easy because I am not gonna bore you with any of that innane stuff. I'd rather talk about cooking (which I loathe, by the way).

So coming back to the point, this post is about a poll that I did sometime back. I had almost decided not to post the question that I did, and am I glad. The results just blew the cover off the lid. I was expecting to see some masaaledaar fried bhindi and what I got was boiled bottlegourd (Ugh!)

No seriously. What's up people? Where has the sense of excitement and exploration gone? Or is it that I am the only sinner around?

For the benefit of the uninitiated readers, let me rewind a bit. The question was, "Do you reveal your relationship status if you are approached by another boy/girl?"
a) Yes, always. I want to make my stand clear to avoid future issues.
b) No, never. Its none of his/her business.
c) Depends on whether the girl/guy is cute
d) Don't know. Have never been approached.

Now, I was expecting a majority of people to say option b because of the fairly bold attitude of our generation. And also considering the fact that the voting is anonymous. But the stats looked like this at the end of the week:
a) 70%
b) 6%
c) 10%
d) 10%

and I went "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?". You guys gotta be kidding me. Everyone is literally playing safe out there.

So I generally struck up a conversation with some friends as to why they chose option (a). And almost all the "good" gals and gays said that committed people should always declare their "Relationship Status  (RS a la Facebook) to avoid any unwanted "proposals" later. Ok. Point taken.

But wait. I would have definitely marked option (b) because I always do that. And I want to give out the reason for that too, lest you consider me a loose-foot characterless woman, or simply portray me as the antonym of Geet, who was a one-man woman. I am too, very much. But with a twist.

Every new guy that I meet wants to know my RS after the first few times. I guess because he is partially interested. Or he just wants to know, in case he later fell for the chocolate eyed beauty (thats me :-P ), would I be availabe too. In any case, my lips are sealed. I have this habit of analyzing human behavior. And clearly, if I told him that I was committed, I would never get to see the person that he would otherwise be ;-)) Trust me you would want to see that....

And I beg your pardon guys if you find that wrong, but it's all in a harmless way. After all, I am not hiding my RS and two timing H..isn't it?? It's so much more fun to be just what you are, and not be defined by your RS.

Another reason a friend gave for this: She said she revealed her RS to lovers with "proposals" because it was so much easier to get rid of them that way. How crude I say! The poor guy loved you with all his heart and you didn't think twice before bringing the hammer down on him. The last thing a guy can accept is imagining his GF/would-be-GF/would-be-wife as another man's arm candy. But well, that deserves another post.

I, for that matter, never do that. If I had to turn down a guy, I'd (and have) tell me why I didn't like any better than Tusshar Kapoor. Why should I heap the burden of my disapproval of him on my relationship? I think that's unfair to both the guys concerned. And seriously speaking, if I liked him any better than my current guy....I would atleast think about him. I mean, why not? ;-))

But the best part was that atleast some guys were truly honest. Like the 10% who said "Depending on whether the girl/guy is cute", and another 10% who said "They have never been approached". Awww...... Kudos for your honesty people. I wish Cupid strikes all you guys/girls soon, so that you can particiapte in my survey the next time around !!!

Adios Amigos until the next post :-)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Him and Her - Part III

He was sound asleep. She lay awake, her eyes fixed at the ceiling. She felt the nothingness she looked at.

She was going down down memory lane. She was remembering their courtship days. What fun and excitement! The thought brought a smile to her lips. And that sudden action jolted her out of her trance, into the real world. She was lying next to her Prince Charming.

But she hadn't imagined a day like this. When he would turn his back to her and sleep without a worry in the world. And she would have to muffle her sobs in the pillow lest it woke him up. She tried to compare her two lives. She realised they had changed with time. "Or maybe there wasn't any love ever..!!!", she remembered what everyone had said when she had told them about her plans of getting married to him.

She alternated in her views if they indeed were right or not. She had loved with all her heart, and that couldn't be wrong. But it felt like the Love was lost and that did seem wrong.

She accidentally brushed her hand against him. He held it tightly. Like he had always promised.
He turned around to face her. was her crying indeed...and all the while putting up a brave face.

So he had been only pretending to be asleep.

And a hug was all it took to melt away her fears. There were no rights and wrongs then. Only Love.

PS: Sometimes, we cloud our mind with our insecurities and expectations and just fail to see the Love that God has blessed us with. Next time, whenever that happens, just remember, Love is just a hug away :-)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A..A...A....A....AWARD !!!!

Yeah yeah yeah..... I have just been awarded. My First Award.

Its got such an apt pic. The girl sitting with her head down and thinking all crap and being messed up all the time. That's SO me.

I used to be so envious of other peoples' awards and used to wistfully stare at them like kids stare at candies. Now that I have my own to show-off, here goes my acceptance speech people :-P

Dear Bloggers around the World,
Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and making me feel that all the crap that I write actually makes some sense. Although I would like to believe otherwise.

Thanks for your appreciation and criticism and reactions and answers. And above everything else, thanks for sparing your precious time.

It is no fun to write if you don't have people who disagree with your point of view and fight it out with you, or the ones who find your theory amazing and spell out compliments. Its like having your cake and eating it too. For I love to write. All the crap and a little something that makes sense. And getting to meet people who are as passionate about writing as I am.

A special thanks and muaaah to all my "regulars". Thank you people for keeping up your hopes alive that my pen will indeed chalk out a bestseller one day. And everytime you come back here, you reinforce my faith in my ability too.

Last but not the least, Thank you Kally Sir for bestowing this honour on me. As they say, the First one is always special ;-)
This award will be the closest to my heart among all the others that I dream about.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flu Flu...Fly Fly...

Sorry guys for disappearing suddenly. Just a couple of things keeping me away like mom's health, household errands and loads of work in office. Was itching to come back to 'my space' but but but. Right now I am in office and supposed to be reading about something that is supposedly urgent. But the itch has got worse and so I am here, typing in the usual crap stuff.

We always know when the flu season starts..right? People in our school, college, office start getting the flu and we know it. But I always wonder about the first person who contracts it. Like how would he/she know that they might be getting the flu because it’s not the flu season yet, as nobody has contracted it? I am saying all this because since morning my eyes have turned a little red, and have a constant irritation and itching too. And I was thinking, "Oh! It’s not the flu season yet.!" Silly me...I think I am the Chosen One this time around to start the red-eye-wear-goggles trend  :-P 

It was a sad day yesterday. A bomb blast in the morning and an earthquake in the night. News for me and you. Life changing for people who have been impacted by it. Can’t say or do much except the usual RIPs and blame the Govt. routine, curse the terrorists and go back to work. There will be one fine day when I will be gone like this too. Just like that. Because some maniacs like these fireworks that blow up people or worse, maim them for life.

Life seems nothing more than a hide-and-seek game, where the seeker is Death. One fine day, when I will be conjuring up images of a beautiful future with H, or painting imaginary characters for my book, Death's gonna come up from behind, catch me unawares and tell me, "Caught YOU!!!!"

Friday, August 26, 2011

Of Rants, Babbles and some more Crap......

Well, I have been known for venting out my frustration and majorly, ranting on my blog lately. But if you are thinking that I am here to apologize and return to be the good and serious girl/blogger that I am, you are thoroughly mistaken my friend.

I am a woman and I am legally entitled to impulsive mood swings. I am in the middle of one right now and therefore, everything that I am going to puke here should be treated likewise.

I have been blogging at a pretty good frequency for the past few weeks. But you aren't keeping pace with me guys. I can't see any of you beautiful ladies and handsome hunks with your invaluable suggestions/compliments in my "Reverberations" box. Now, what fun it is to blog without an audience? Haven't you all felt that at some point in time? I am missing all you "regulars" (Kally, inner-musings, Farina, Nithya, Afshan, Rahul, Arjun) here in the "comment"ary box.
"There is nothing more dreadful to an author (if I dare call myself that) than neglect, compared with which reproach, hatred and opposition are names of happiness", an apt quote by Dr. Johnson. You get the clue...don't you?

Lack of work in office is just driving me nuts. Yeah...dats me!! Not that I am a workaholic but still...I hate being free (ALL the b****y time) for almost two weeks. For nothing do they say, “It’s the sad things in life that make you appreciate the good ones" :-P  Now you know....

I have been piling up kilos by the dozen ever since I got married. And no diet plans working, since I am not following any ;-)) The guilt conscience blames me and taunts me and since I don't do anything about it, I choose to wallow in self pity. Cut me some slack dude, I say to myself.
Have been finding my luxury in comfort food (read chips, cookies, chocolates).So you see, it has turned into a never-ending vicious circle. And the lazy-bones me in not even trying to break it.
Just imagine. I have become THAT pathetic.

Just watched Rahul Gandhi's 'performance' in the Parliament on the Jan Lokpal issue. Hats off Sir for pulling off that speech with such élan. I heard some Bollywood A-listers dying to attend your acting workshops <sarcasm overdose>
As Chetan Bhagat said, I also hope one day, somebody does the Chamatkaar-Balaatkar thing in your 'made-to-order' speech. I go LOL ROTFOL even thinking about it. ;-))

@SS : Congratulations..!!!! You have just been promoted. From being a friend and then, a good friend, you have officially been added to my "crib-buddies" list. And believe me, it’s a very privileged place to be.
After all these years, today I saw in you the tenacity to bear my persistent whines. And you are alive and kicking butt after listening to me babbling some incoherent stuff about how life is so unfair to the poor me.....;-))
Thanks for bearing with me. And you aptly defined me as the "most satirical cribber" ever. Ha! Like that...Makes for a good punch line...isn't it?

Peace!!! Until the next time.....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A letter to Team ANNA....

Dearest Team ANNA,
My heartfelt regards to you.
I know that you, like all of us, feel extremely frustrated, disillusioned and betrayed by the Government right now.  But then I think we all should have expected this. It was silly optimistic of us to expect the Govt. to bend and table a strong Jan Lokpal in the Parliament. Because, that’s hardly the end to their nightmare. It’s the beginning. As I have said before, it’s a Catch 22 situation for the Govt. Either they can please the country men now and run to save their asses later. Or remain glued to their seats, even against public outcry. They have chosen the latter, for obvious reasons.
I have no idea what will be the outcome of this deadlock situation reaching alarmingly dangerous proportions now, what with Anna’s health deteriorating fast and public dissatisfaction at an all time high.  But as they say, everything happens for a reason. As the govt. is busy passing the buck from PM to the ruling party to Standing Committee to an All-party-meet, people have seen and understood this tamasha the Govt. is putting up to showcase their consideration for the Jan Lokpal Bill and Anna’s health. Their blow-hot-blow-cold-attitude is maddening, to say the least.
As of now, the Lokpal logjam continues and it’s back to square one after last night’s talks between Team Anna and the Govt. But whatever be the conclusion of this revolution, you have undoubtedly awakened every Indian out of his I-care-a-damn and nothing-is-going to-change attitude. The whole nation stands behind you in rock solid support. We all want you, Kiran Bedi ma'm, Arvind Kejriwal Sir and Anna ji to contest elections against the key policy makers in the country. You are going to win with a 100% margin. That’s what we can promise you. We don’t want this awakening and resolution to go down the drain. We can’t let the steam dissipate.
I understand that it’s sickening to be in that political muck out there. Because while soiling yourself in it and crying hoarse about our rights, the pigs are actually going to enjoy the roll in the shit. But, as I said earlier, we just can’t let the revolution and the wakening go cold. If you have started the fight, let all of us take it to the end. Let the people’s representatives come to power and show those power-hungry, illiterate, puppet-in-foreign-hands morons what it takes to be a leader and how to lead a country. Because if that’s how the cookie crumbles, let’s show it to them too.
PS: To all the disillusioned and fame-hungry Page 3 so-called ‘celebrities’ who are belting out cheap remarks about the whole Team Anna revolution:
1) India is not divided, but united in its stand against corruption.
2) The revolution is still against corruption, and not about THE one man.
3) The common man is not ignorant. They are completely knowledgeable about the Jan Lokpal Bill.
4) Anna/Team Anna is not/has never been in a spot. They are BANG ON in their approach.
So, you cheap and (in)famous socialites: go sulk and pout and whine and see if we care two hoots. We are and will be with Team and always....

PPS: Congress has still not replied to my letter. (:-P pun intended. I hope it put a smile on your strained faces, even if for a moment !!)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Govt. in a Catch 22 situation - Report from Ramlila Maidaan

I am so awed and over-whelmed. But I am not falling short of words. In fact, a plethora of emotions and thoughts cloud my mind and heart so much so that I find it impossible to classify them. I don't know if its patriotism, emotion, angst or all of them together.

After supporting the first 3 days of Anna's anshan from home, I was out there on the battle ground on Day 4. The Ramlila maidaan. Quite iconic because it’s the same place where Bhagwaan Ram kills the Bad Man Raavan, every year. This year Anna is playing God, literally, and battling it out against the new Bad Guys (read Govt.).
Team ANNA (L to R: Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi)
The country has broken out into hitherto unseen patriotic fervor. The whole country is united with Anna in a cause that has brought out even the middle and upper sections of the society in full force. Everyone is so fed up of the prevalent corruption and scams. People in the maidaan keep chanting slogans supporting Anna and the likes of Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Mataram. The atmosphere is so electric with the spirit of the youth that it is impossible to contain yourself. I joined in too, chanting slogans, "Anna tum aage badho, hum tumhaare saath hai". The people go berserk and crazy when Anna ji addresses the crowd. Kiran Bedi mam is such an influential and charismatic personality. Yesterday she led a procession of a lakh plus people from India Gate to the Ramlila maidaan. One lakh people on the roads, all carrying the Indian flag and chanting slogans was a sight to behold and feel. It truly felt like being in the middle of a revolution.

The same scene awaited us at India Gate, albeit with a little less number of people. We participated in the candlelight procession there. It’s great to see an informed youth who knows what it is fighting for and not just a mob who is out there and blindly following a party with vested interests. Team Anna is mobilizing people to question both the Lokpal Bill and the Jan Lokpal Bill and cast its opinion in favor of what they think is right. Facebook pages and YouTube videos have been created with vivid descriptions of the differences in the two drafts of the bill, on a clause by clause basis. 

 Day 2 at Ramlila was the same. Only the number of people were more. And the count is still increasing. But more than anything, I am betrayed by the Govt's almost alien demeanor towards Anna's fast. But then, I should have expected that. Given the level of corruption these guys are into, we should not be surprised by any of their misgivings. They are just trying to save their a**.
Me n my 5-yr old nephew at Ramlila grounds
 But I totally believe that Anna has God on his side. A 74 year old man, on the 5th day of his fast, addressed the crowd and if you didn't know, you could never guess. His voice and conduct did not give him away for a minute, that this man had not had food for 6 days. I could only so much as carry on my fast for 30 hours.

By now, everyone realizes that the Jan Lokpal bill will have to be passed given the kind of common man backing it has got. But the only question that looms large over everyone's head is when? Anna ji is already well into his 7th day of fasting. And now, every passing minute and hour is going to be pressing on his body. I just pray to God to give Anna ji strength and some good sense to our so called "leaders".

@All: Guys, please support Anna ji's crusade against corruption in any and every way you can. It's not everyday that you find yourself amidst such a life changing revolution. And you surely don't want to be left behind...right?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Stranger....

I met her a long, long time ago. The perfect stranger. But somehow, I felt like I had vaguely known her.
She was almost the same age as I was. Yet she was so different.

I was a very quiet child. I didn’t talk much and kept my feelings pretty much to myself.
She laughed exuberantly when she was happy. She was down in the dumps when sad. She occasionally cursed and abused people when they crossed lines too close for comfort.

I flinched at the thought of calling people names. I couldn't so much as hurt an insect. I put a smile on my face when I was happy. I tried to appear normal when sad, even though I cried a little in isolation. Even as a child, I acted or tried to act like a grown up person would. By grownups I mean, people who are never "too happy". They are just happy and they smile. When they are sad, they try and appear "normal".

But she was what she was. Made up of raw emotions. I realized that she had been given the independence to be herself. By God himself. She was innocence personified.

Needless to say, I was inspired by her. Children at a young often are.

I shouted at Mom. She stared back. In disbelief. She hadn't seen this side of me, ever.
She was pushing me to the brink. We had an argument. I got up and screamed at her.

I suddenly realized the graveness of my action. Mom left the room in a huff.

Sheepishly, I pulled myself up and looked at her in the eye. Across the room. In the mirror on the opposite wall.

That was the day I realized how different I was on the outside and inside. That was the day I acknowledged the presence of a soul. My soul. Which hitherto had been a stranger to me. It was pure. I was not. I tried to be. Still trying.
Disclaimer: This a work of fiction written for a weekly theme

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Title

Some stupid things that have been blocking my mind. Need to clear my Cache memory for better sanity.
So people, beware. It’s a no-holds-barred post below. Read at your own risk. ;-))

1) Why do people some think that every question being asked around in 100kms of their vicinity is waiting for their expert opinion? Even if they haven't heard/understood the question correctly or even if they are not sure about the answer, they will be the first ones to vomit some shit. There's one such piece in my office. And gosh! Do I hate her..!!!! It seems to me that nobody has ever (like really EVER) told her to shut up..!!!!! Today I reached my wits end and just wanted to slap her....Seriously, some people have that ability to bring out the animal in you. ;-)

2) I get REALLY irritated when people put up weird status messages (on FB) only to garner attention and the real emotion is nowhere to be found.
One "friend" has this habit of updating her profile with statuses like "Down with viral and cold :(", "Sinus is troubling me again :(:( ", "Miss you momma, papa", blah blah. I just want to scream and tear her hair off.
Dude, you know what? You are like, really SiCk and you definitely need medical attention. Period.
As for Momma, Papa, better call them on their mobiles. Oohh Gosh..!!! It just didn't occur to your before...or did it? <rolling eyes>
And something that irritates even more is, the above statuses garnering umpteen numbers of "likes" and stupid "comments" like get well soon, oohh babbyyy :-((  
Yeaahhhh.... <snarl>

3) I understand that a blog is your personal thing and you can write anything and everything. And again, it’s up to me if I want to spend my time reading it or not. But when you share your blog on a public platform, aren't you kinda making it open for speculation and criticism?
What really irks me is that some really pathetic blogs (where people don't even write the basic grammar right) have this huge, almost mind-numbing junta who follows the blog religiously. And for post after post, they will receive 20, 30 and up to 50 comments like wow, u have a writer in you, what a story..!!!!!!!!!
Why is Life soo unfair ????? :O

4) There's this shop near my house which I frequent for daily stuff like milk, eggs etc. The owners, a brother duo (pot-bellied and overweight) are like, the slowest people on Earth. I think even tortoise would win a race game against them, if they ever decided. I still have my reservations that they would even think about racing, let alone do it.
"Slow as a snail" should be rephrased as "Slower than even a snail" for them. They have to often bear the brunt of my indignation. But boy.!! It doesn't ruffle a feather on the other side.
Yesterday I wished I could slap them and wake them out of their self imposed slumber.
But but but..!!!! So much for social etiquettes. Sigh, yet again.

5) H and I hardly get 2-3 hours in day to ourselves. And if a fight crops up, the day is gone. You gotta wait for one full day to be back together. "Ye Dooriyaan" sucks..... :-(:-(

PS: Half way through the first year of being married. Already. Just seems like yesterday. Whooaa....time does fly.....sometimes........I wish it flies today too..........

Monday, August 15, 2011

A letter to Congress.....

Dear Congress,

I really don't hope you are doing well. But the bitter truth is that you are doing way better than what we would like to think. What with inflation ripping through the roofs, every minister in your damned cabinet having a scam to his credit, sitting with an odd-lakh crore of OUR tax money, and then the whole Democracy thing. You guys are sure hell bent on beating the poor thing to death. Well, congratulations...!!! You are almost there.

I really wonder how road rage kills so many people in India, esp. Delhi. The reports say the tolerance levels have gone down. I beg to differ. I think we guys have oodles and oodles of   patience, and then some more. The government loots us in the form of taxes, levying taxes on taxes on taxes. We just never come out of the Tax Chakravyuh. They will keep increasing the prices of petrol, milk, fruits, veggies... we will deprive ourselves of nutrition and still keep paying more. Out of this truck load of money, these guys build one flyover, again charge a toll on it and pile up 100 times of the actual investment. Now, these so-called-ministers, most of who boast of a criminal background and others, whose educational profiles hardly go above a 7th or 8th standard, know only one way of utilizing this money - save it in the Swiss banks. But we will still keep quiet. At the max, an FB update or "like” the “Get the Swiss money Home' FB page.

Then, decades later, a gutsy Indian, Anna Hazare decides that enough is enough. He imitates Bapu's ideologies. Our govt. which has photos of Bapu in every Govt. office and on every damned currency note in the country, says fast-unto-death will not be tolerated. And did our honorable PM just say yesterday that we live in a D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T-I-C country? Sir, would you please like to spell that out for us?

@The PM: Your impressive resume and balanced approach had instilled in us, a hope that finally, the reins of this country were in good and able hands. But you proved to be a mere puppet in foreign hands. You have let us down and left the country’s future in lurch. It’s going to the dogs. You make us believe that education really has no meaning in our Parliament. It is, and will remain in the hands of power hungry and illiterate ministers. Your only mantra seems to be “Silence is Golden”. But when it comes to the future of this country, the Golden is only Poison, which is eating away the country at its very roots. Thanks for preparing us that we will always be a third-world country because of you and your third-grade cabinet of fools.

Enraged, Frustrated and Disgusted citizens of the country

Friday, August 12, 2011

Old friends are like wine.....

Had an almost hour long chat with an old buddy yesterday. Felt really really good. Old friends are like old wine. The older they are, the better they taste (no pun intended) :-P

Have wanted to write a post on my 'true-blue' Leo girl since long. Today is the D-Day I guess.
We have been friends since the first day of college. Didn't really realize when we turned into 'best friends'. We are poles apart in most of our ways, be it thinking, nature, behavior or studies. I was a typical first bencher teachers' pet, she was one of the mischievous lot. I would do my assignments at home, and hers in the college bus. I was always a one-man woman, she had crushes that changed every week. I guess it was these eccentricities that drew us closer. For no reason do they say, "Opposites attract".

The only similarity that we shared was that we both were rebels. Yeahh..!!! The typical boring me was also a fighter. We both fought for our 'rights' and soon became each others' "crib buddies". LOL. We cribbed about anything and everything and the other one always 'understood'. We shared our deep dark secrets and books and clothes and what not.

And yeahh, that does not mean it was all hunky dory between us. Can never forget those squabbles. The Leo is typically demanding and moody and soo egotistic (she s going to fight with me, yet again, after reading this). She just couldn't stand me ignoring her or giving any other a teeny weenie bit more importance than her. If she had her way, she would claw me off..!!!

But yes, there's one incident that I am gonna cherish forever. For my Big Day, she cut short her US trip by a day, reached India jet lagged, but yet arrived at the venue looking like a BOMB.
Ain't she looking HOT?

Love you S for this..!!! Always.... <3

It's been 8 years since we first met. And the relationship dynamics still remain the same. Even though I am married and she is going to be (in another year or so), she hasn't mellowed down one bit. We both still love, hate, fight and are jealous of each other and know it..!!!!! :-))
She praises me and takes a dig at me at the same time. She just loves to be soo mean with me. But I guess I am one of those privileged people, with whom she can be what she is........*****!!!!! (babess....that's offline between us).

 THE most endearing quality about her, is her incredible zest for life. If life was a bull, she would pull it by it's horns and twist it her way. She has been through some major ups and downs in life. But her 'down-and-out' phase doesn't last longer than 2-3 days. The legend is back on its feet again, very much alive and kicking and spitting blood, ready to take on the world.

S...I love you for what you are. You are beautiful to me and all others, who know you inside out. Forgive me if I have ever let you down. And thanks for ALWAYS being there. Happy Friendships' Day ****** ;-))))