Thursday, March 31, 2011

The other side of us....

Well...a post after a fortnight....but that's what happens when you are just married and busy setting up your new home and are neck deep in work at office, and add to that, the World Cup is going on....and India just won the Semi Finals yesterday against none other than Pakistan. Ecstatic to say the least. The whole nation was partying yesterday including the PM and corporate biggies. far so good. The finals are on Saturday and guess prizes for guessing...everyone is rooting for team India to bring home THE Cup..!!!!

But this was not what prompted me to write the post. Just read a news article in today's newspaper that Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja has been convicted in the in-famous case of raping his maid. The actor pleaded innocent even after the conviction. But medical reports and circumstantial evidence say otheriwse.
I feel really sad for Shiney. I liked him immensely as an actor for his performance in "Hazaaron Khwaahishein Aisi". The actor definitely held promise. The whole thing just makes me wonder why he ever committed such a henious crime. Was he not satisfied in his own personal life? Or was he just seeking some fun? In the industry that he works in, I am sure he could have had fun with a lot of people without going to court. But wait a minute....I am not saying that he IS guilty. I don't know. I don't know if the judiciary is actually punishing the guilty or just making a point there.
The guy has a career and a family and a three and a half year old daughter, who is likely to grow up a lot during Shiney's 7 years in jail. How would he ever face his daughter? I am speechless even thinking about this.
And then there is the Aarushi Talwar murder case where a doctor couple allegedly killed their own daughter and domestic help to stop some skeletons from tumbling out of the closet. I don't know if a parent can do that to their own child, what-so-ever the secret may be. And yes, I am talking about a 21st century doctor couple who are literate and definitely didn't comit a female infanticide. The pictures of the Talwars always make me wonder. They have been stony faced from Day 1. No tears, no emotions. Ok I get the drift that you are a doctor and you probably see death more often than we do but will you please excuse me? For God's sake she was your daughter. Last we heard that the CBI has accused the couple and the case is going to start soon. The mystery of the hitherto perfect murder will be out only later. But am sure whatever the decision is, its gonna be a little difficult to believe.

Until next time,

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank you sweetheart.... :-))

I complete a month of being married today....yaayyyy....:-))
Thank you sweetheart for the surprise.........
You have always been good at giving surprises. No, you have been the best. :-))
Ideally, would have liked to spend the day with you. If not that, atleast meet you. But since that has not been possible (for the uninitiated, I am in city X for Holi with my parents and my hubby is in city Y), I wanted to dedicate this special post to you ....ONLY for YOU.
The past one month has been great, to say the least. We have done the silliest of things together, cooked for each other and tried to make life simpler for the other one, all the time. I hope this honeymoon period continues ........
Waiting to meet you.....c u soon..... :-))))

Happy happy holi..!!!!!

Well, the festival of colours is here. And yes, I am pretty excited about it too. Its my first Holi post-marriage, so all the more special. :-))
But I am also very upset and scared at the way things are unfolding for the Japanese. As if the earthquake and tsunami were not enough to test their courage, the nuclear disaster is looming large over their heads. Its been almost a week since the mammoth 9R earthquake, and the after tremors haven't completely stopped yet. People are in a state of shock over the loss of life and property and that's not all. They have to run for their own lives now.
And apart from the citizens, I think everyone owes a huge applause for the crew of 50 at the Fukushima Daichii plant who are still continuing with their duties. The radiation level in and around the plant are way above the human permissible limits, but they are still very much there and doing their duty. I think we immortals, owe our lives to the likes of these men.
The spring season is going to start in Japan. Like the start of all good things, I hope Japan can soon start afresh. I hope the nuclear crisis ends soon and people can go back and start building their homes and lives with renewed vigour and courage. Amen.
And to all you beautiful people out there...have a blast with colours and friends and sweets and family and more colours. But more importantly, please play safe (pun intended ;-)))
Take care guys.
Ciao until we meet again.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Me n my lazy self....

well.....procrastination is my strong point.
i can say...dats my strongest point. Which is a bad bad thing.
I had to update the blog with so many news and am putting it off for later, since morning. And just now it hit me that I got to log off. And am mighty upset with myself.....
m gonna do it tommorrow for sure. NO..dats not procrastination...dats a promise... :-))
Until than

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Ramblings..!!!!!

The good news (or is it??) first. I got married last month. On Feb18,2011. The most beautiful day of my life.
Haven't been able to blog furiously for the past few months as was obviously busy with my wedding preparations. Had decided that I was going to blog till the last day before the wedding so that a few months later, I would still be able to remember and feel the gamut of emotions that are at play during 'those' days. :-))

But alas, the plan didn't work. And since the 'Just Married' phase is no less melodramatic, I have decided to  try and keep the blog updated with the moods and feelings 'these' days, that will make me feel good a few months down the line.

Wedding preparations are fun, tiresome, irritating at times but mostly flattering, making you feel special and on-top-of-the-world. Everywhere you go, the shopkeeper invariable asks, "Aapki shaadi h?". And you blush and say "Yes". And lo and behold....he will go berserk trying to convince you into buying the most expensive piece of shoe/dress/jewellery in his shop with his already-repeated-a-million-times remark - "Madam..shaadi to 1 baar hi hoti h...paise k baare mein mat sochiye". Yeaahh sure you ****. Its my parents hard earned money and you think I am going to blow all that up just because you take me into a make-believe Wonderland. But the irony actually end up spending all the money..!!!!
Apart from all those busy shopping schedules, you day-dream the rest of your free day about your new life, new love and the other new things.. ;-))
Well....i enjoyed the phase to the hilt and the wedding too. It was fun being the centre of attention for once.
Still not a month into my married life and things are still as rosy. Hoping they remain that way..!!!!!
More on that later.
Until then take care guys....