Saturday, April 23, 2011

My theory of relativity..!!!!

I have never been more impressed with any other theory taught to me in high school than this one. Even though Maths happened to be my favorite subject, the favorite theory of my life happened to be 1 from Physics.

Our very own Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

As far as I remember I studied the Theory of Relativity when I was in my 12th standard. And to say the least I was fascinated, bowled over. In short I was in love.

Till then, the words more, less, difficult, easy were all mere words. It was only after I studied this theory that I came to fully understand their meaning. That everything we measure is by taking a reference and we are the taking the relative value with respect to that reference. Confused??

Let me put it more simply. For eg. if I say that I have very few toys, who am I comparing myself with?? Fewer toys compared with whom?? If the arrogant high headed girl in my class said that she had a lot of money, I was so tempted to ask- compared to whom??

The most important lesson that I happened to learn from this theory (apart from the good marks that I scored in the subject) was that everything that we experience in life is Relative. It just depends on ones perspective. If u think u have too less, just look at the poverty stricken, down trodden people for whom earning a square meal a day is a challenge. And believe you will more than thank your stars and your God for what you have. If you think you are very successful, look at the the Ambanis, Tatas, Birlas and the Mittals of the world. Maybe you will get that much needed fire to exploit your potential more, to exceed your own expectations.

Also I came to understand other peoples way of thinking and their mindsets much more clearly.
It used to be intriguing sometimes to see people throwing away everything they have to join NGOs and help others. And at the same time see a set of people who have more than enough (again very relative!!!!!!!!!!) and still burn the newly wed brides in pursuit for more wealth in the form of dowry. Analyzing events and people became much easier, when you could actually understand the way their minds work and from what perspective they would think about a certain issue.

From what I understand and feel from this is that when you can see your sorrow and joys from the reference, and not relatively, you will not experience the crests and troughs in life (though that could be another debatable topic for a certain set of people). People would argue that it is because of the troughs that we appreciate the crests. But seeing from a broader perspective keeps you much more calm and happy (much more.relative?????????? :-D)

Once I read this famous saying Life is hard. And I was tempted to ask compared to what????????

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A debate on debate.!!!

The irony of life proven yet again. I don't like debates. Period. But here I am debating that debates are indeed, a watse of one's time. IRONICAL to the T.
So, coming back to the point as to why I hate debates. Well, for starters, let me tell you that it's definitely not a case of sour grapes here. I have won an odd prize or two in school for my debating skills. But that was the time when I was too young to question the concept itself. I just chose that side of the topic which had more points to back up the claim. But as I grew up, I found the entire concept a waste of time. Why should two (or even more) people waste their time and energy trying to prove that 1 side of the coin is weightier than the other. That's absolutely hilarious and moronic at the same time..!!!!
Like people's favorite topic for debating is Arranged marriage v/s Love Marriage. Now how can you say one is better over the other..?? Different things work for different people. Why can't we just learn to respect other people's opinion and choices? We have seen all permutations and combinations with that one. Successful Love Marriages and Failed Arranged Marriages. And the cliched ones as well....Successful Arranged Marriages and Failed Love Marriages. And then there are those couples who are still together, only for the heck of it, and I don't ever intend to count them in the Successful category. And those are the cases only for one of the fav topics. There are scores of others which meet the same fate.
Also to back up any claim you need to have statistics.
Point1: The thing that is in majority might not always be right. So statistics are ruled out
Point2: If you throw statistics at me, where's your point dude????? Isn't it all about YOUR opinion???/
Well, whatever, but since I am so vehemently "against" (the motion) Debate, I just guess you need to be absolutely absolutely convinced of what you are saying to be able to debate. Just like I am right now. I think I just contradicted myself, or did I????? ;);) U decide...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life - V2.1

Life ka version 2.1 is because I recently had a near death experience.
Went rafting with my sisters and jiju and hubby, over the weekend. And we were all first timers.
Let me describe the process for the benefit of the unadventurous lot like me who have never-been-there-and-done-it. 8 people go on an air filled raft, peddle the raft in calm waters and brave the monstrous waves that are encountered in the river on the way to destination. People supposedly get a high and feel adventurous when the waves rock your boat, and try to throw you into the icy cold waters but somwhow you ride the waves and survive it. Some people are pushed into water by the huge waves and enjoy it, others deliberately get down and have fun.
And there I am.... afraid of water, to the extent of being paranoid. And here again, I was (no prizes for guessing this) coaxed into doing this stupid activity by the 'adventurous' people around me.  Our adventure started when our raft-wallah decided to take only the four of us (me , my 2 sisters  n hubby..lets call them S1, S2 and H). The paddling was sad. We four were trying to do what ideally 8 people do. And when the rapids arrived, our boat rocked like a paper boat and warned of toppling over every now and then. We were thrown into our raft may a times but we somehow got through 3 major rapids. The fourth one was a monster though. In the middle of the rapid, a huge wave crashed into our raft from the right and the 2 people sitting on the right side were thrown on the opposite side. Before we had a chance to react, came another wave from the right, and all of us were thrown into the bottomless river. And what happened after this was nothing short of my nightmare come true.
We all fell down in the center of the rapid, unknown of the others. Later I came to know that S2 and H had fallen down together and had caught hold of the raft's lifeline and moved out of the rapid together. S1 and I fell alone, holding hands of....hope. As soon as I tried to come up, our raft overturned by another wave hit me on the head and pushed me down furthur. Another wave swept me away in an unknown direction and other waves kept crashing and made sure I was under water. This continued for a good 20seconds before I began to reliase that I might never make it. The last time that i tried to come up....another huge wave crashed on me and water entered my mouth and I began to choke. After the last desperate and unsuccessful attempt, I had lost hope. All I had in my mind then was, "This is it. I guess this is how it ends. And this surely is my worst nightmare come true. All that ever happened ends right here. Why was I stupid enough to ever come here...." and darknes followed.....The next moment S1 pulled me out of water and I couldn't believe my luck. I had been saved. We asked for help from passing by rafts. From there we saw S2 and H being pulled on to another raft. I heaved a sigh of relief. I was expecting a disaster. Fortunately my hopes were crashed.
Somehow finished the rest of our journey. Had drowning dreams for 2 days after that. Have resloved to learn swimming.
Before i sign off, 3 cheers for version 2.1. Hip hip hurray. Hip hip hurray. Hip hip hurray.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The psycho on loose.....

Last evening, I was walking inside the housing society where my home is. As I was walking past an array of cars, I heard the roar of an engine. The car which was 10 yards ahead and left to me, roared to life. It was a big Tata Sumo. But the strange part was that the car was still covered in its grey cover. I was really puzzled as to why would someone sit inside the car and start it with the cover still on. With these thoughts, I moved forward. Again I was jolted out of my thoughts as the car driver was putting his foot down on the accelerator and braking at the same time. This time I grew frightened. Was this some psycho person on loose? No sane man would ever start his car and accelearte and  brake with the car cover all over it, including the front glass. What was even more strange was the fact that a security guard was sitting in a chair right in front of the car. And he was sitting without a worry in the world. In my mind, I was petrified that if this psycho person did not brake in time, he wass going to mow down this poor fellow. I wanted to go over and warn the guard, but somehow decided against it. It was very disturbing to see him sitting there ever so nonchalantly. Isn't he supposed to be on the look out for such maniacs? Anyways, I tried to brush away these thoughts but the accelerating and braking continued. My heart beat was up a little and by this time I had crossed the car.
Just to make sure the security guard was fine, I turned around to have a last look at him.And what I saw was....well....I have no words to express. Behind the car was the society fence and furthur beind it, was a small clean up truck that was stuck in a puddle and the driver was constantly accelerating and braking to come out of it. I smiled at my stupid imaginative self, and how much trauma I had caused myself over those few minutes. In short, I felt like I was the psycho on loose... :-))

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

God’s Inception !!!!

The world is a stage. And we all are puppets playing our respective roles.
But when we stage a play, doesn’t it become a play inside a play? And when we stage a play inside a play, doesn’t it become a third level Inception for God?
Doesn’t he ever get confused with so much so nonsense that goes on in and around our lives?
Or is it that this whole world is merely God’s dream ?
And the supposed after life is nothing , but when you die in this dream and are alive in the next one. And somehow you remember some nonsense of your past life.

And I think the day ‘THE’ catastrophe comes(supposedly 2012) and we all die….God will wake up with a jerk saying… “oohh….now that was scary!!!! “

Monday, April 4, 2011

Finally...the CUP is ours...!!!!!!!

Cricket is what everyone has been talking about this past one month. And the last 1 week was nothing short of a roller coaster ride for the Indians. We won the Quaarter Finals agains the inimitable Austraila, the Semis against ..wait-for-it....Pakistan and finally the FINALS against the Sri Lankans. What a week it has been. It has been so much of an effort to swallow one great game after another for us. I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like for The Team. All high pressure games, carrying the pressure to do well of 121 million Indian people and 1 Sachin Tendulkar.
After winning the Cup, everyone just 1 thing to say - that they did it for GOD. My hubby broke down on seeing Yuvraj and Bhajji paaji crying with tears of happiness. I couldn't believe it. All these men of steel....crying at the same time. It was like a gamut of emotions.....of pride, of awe, of unadulterated joy, of unity...
And when Dhoni hit that final six to victory....the finish couldn't have been more fitting. We all yelled our throats out. And while we were all happy for the country and the Team, I was happy for Dhoni, the Captain. How he has taken all the criticism in his stride. One win after the other.....The Australian Tour, The T20 cup, IPL - Chennai Super Kings and still people have the gall to call him a 'lucky' fellow. I felt that the final six answered all his detractors. Why can't people understand that there is only 1 GOD  (Sachin R.10dulkar) and the other mortals can make mistakes at times. No team wins all the matches. You got to take risks at times to bring out the best or worst in the players. But whatever, I am glad the team held its nerve even after Sachin and Sehwag getting out very early and a huge chase left for the middle order.
Well done have done the entire nation proud. And we are the lucky generation to have seen India winning the World Cup. The bubbly was flowing like tata namak.....everyone was in 'high' spirits quite literally....a billion plus people united as one ....because of  11 magnificent was one unbelievable one of those perfect dreams....