Monday, May 30, 2011

Animal Rights and Human Wrongs...!!!

Disclaimer: I have nothing personal against non-vegetarians. I sincerely believe in the policy of “To each his own”. The below thoughts are purely my personal opinion and resemblance to any human being is purely co-incidental.

Yes..I do know all the technical jargon about how we are the superior beings on this earth because we are THE HUMANS. We eat other animals because that is the way it is supposed to be. Otherwise why would we be placed at the top of the food chain? By the way…who created the food chain???

Anyways, the reason I am writing all this is that everyday while coming to office, my office bus crosses the meat market. And everyday I see chickens squealing on their way to martyrdom. And then there are the lambs. Fresh skeletons hanging everyday to entice the customers. And the world around me goes on as nonchalantly as ever as if it’s as natural as sunrise and sunset. For God’s sake that being was as alive as any of us are right now. Nobody can do anything to raise the dead but what I always wonder is how people have the heart to slaughter living beings right in front of their eyes and as if that sadistic pleasure was not enough, they eat it too.

I always wonder what would happen if one day we woke up and found out that we were no longer at the top of the food chain. How we would scamper , with foot in our mouths to escape the insatiable greed of taste of the new Super Human. And then I am sure everyone would stop and think, how the whole life would only be a matter of survival.
They would barge into our houses, kill us, capture us, roast us and fry us, whichever they please. And how we want to wipe the terrorists off the face of the earth, who do the same thing. Did someone just call us terrorists?

And later on, when the Super Humans evolve, we could be domesticated too, and made to do all the laborious work. And the wilder versions of our species would be hunted down in these urban jungles. And then a day would come when we would start becoming extinct. We would be put behind bars to protect us from the savage Super Humans.

Sounds scary..right???? Animals too are living beings like us. Please think twice before you cut them, scale them, roast them or deep fry them in oil. It hurts them as much as it hurts us. Slaughtering them to celebrate your birthday and anniversary sounds as terror some as 9/11. Have compassion for other living beings around you. It’s not as difficult to live in harmony with nature, as it is made out to be.
PS: This is a very old article of mine. Re-posting it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

THE Page 3 news...

In today's times, scams and scandals galore. So much so that I have become prone to the so-called Page 1 "Headlines". They fail to invoke any kind of reaction from me. And I guess that would be the case with a lot of people. Well, how many times can you really feel and say the 'OMGs' and 'Ohh Really' and 'How could he do this'? You do get used to all that, don't you?

But today morning, a Page 3 news jolted me out of my wits. There had been a plane crash in my home town. "So what's new with that?", you would say. 12 people died. "Well, that's not really a huge number if you take an average of the number of people who die in plane crashes", you would again say. But there was  one person on that ill-fated plane whom I knew. A doctor, who was on duty. Who was the husband of my office colleague. The lady in question is six months pregnant and got to know about her husband's demise. I could do nothing, except question God on the unfairness of it all. Why of all the sinners in the world he decided to take a man, who was a family person, was loyal to his work, loved his wife and kids and basically was a good human being. But there was no answer, except a deafening silence. Maybe, He does have an ulterior motive.

I met her, but had no words to console her. And I hated people for asking her to be strong. She will have to be. Does she have a choice? If I had my way, I would have asked her to cry and cry as much as possible and vent out her grief.

The everyday statistics became a numbing experience for me. I could not control my tears.
I just pray to God to give the family enough strength to bear this irreplacable loss.
And for the rest of you, do what you want to do..TODAY. You never know what's the next moment gonna cost you..!!!

An after thought: Life is like a game of Roadies. You never know when the rules will change..!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weather greens and blues !!!!!

Its amazing how weather affects me. I guess it affects everyone but in different ways. But since this is my blog and besides, I am too self obsessed, so I am going to talk only about myself. ;-)
A welcome change from the sweltering heat of Delhi. There is a rumbling thunderstorm since yesterday and finally it rained today. Nothing like the smell of moist ground. Went jogging in the morning and felt completely exhilarated.  Everyone seemed to be in good mood because of the weather. The birds were chirping louder, people's gait was faster as if the cool winds had instilled in them a little bit of their own energy, and kids...well they were just being kids. Weather doesn't seem to affect them.
But the ladies of the world always surprise me. Boy, do they love to crib. They always crib about the heat. And today they were cribbing about the sandstorm that had gotten the entire house dusty. Well, I guess ladies will be ladies after all. But then, it did get me into my 'famous' thinking mode ( kind of famous...locally though...:-P)
Life needs to lived. Don't be a prison to the frugality of life. Doing what you do everyday should not bar you from enjoying the spoils that nature bestows upon us. I guess not everyone is blessed to do that. There are people whose life depends on their work. But there are the lucky few like us who have the liberty to go out and enjoy the first rain, the first monsoon. As I jogged around the compound with these thoughts, the fresh air cleared my head. I forgot all about the tensions of everyday life. Dusting and cleaning the house can wait. Life is all about living it. Not just going through it with mechanical motions. Its not a checklist where you tick mark cleaning and washing and cooking and promotions.
I know this all sounds like the movies...right?? You have read this before?? Isn't it?
But really..this IS true. No flashes or hype or hoopla about it. This is it. Life is about the journey and not the destination. I want to be able to enjoy the journey as much as I can. At least I don't want to be a prisoner to everyday life.
If you are bored with too much philosophy in the post, blame it on the weather guys. I am just too drunk on it. :-))

Song for the occasion: Ye lamha filhaal jee lene de...

Alvida until we meet again!

Friday, May 20, 2011

God loves Drama..!!!

Pan frying sliced onions in butter. The delicious smell wafting across the kitchen is intoxicating.Noodles and taste-maker is added. Garnished with finely chopped coriander leaves. A heavenly smelling plate of instant noodles is ready. And it tastes divine. To keep me company is my laptop and an old classic movie. I love the ambiance. This is ME time.
In this fast paced life we don't get time to do the things we love,let alone spend some time with oneself. I am also a part of this 'fast-paced' world. Read an article in the morning newspaper about tomorrow being the 'Judgement Day'.Apparently, there will be a huge earthquake across the world that's going to reset Earth's clock. Which means we all are going to die and everything starts from the starting ;-)
Now this made me think. I have not really done anything worthwhile in the (almost)25 years of my existence. I don't even know what my purpose was or, is!!!
Why does God have to keep everything such a hush-hush secret? Why not tell us what we are here for? Won't life be much simpler..? I mean its like an appraisal meeting in office. You don't know what is expected of you to get a promotion. Your manager knows but he won't tell you. What the fisshhhhhhhhh.!!!
Come to think of it. I am enjoying my ME time whereas I could very well be doing what I am supposed to do. That would help everyone. But no...HE would rather let me enjoy my time so that I rot in my guilty conscience later as to what better could I have done with my time. And we think it is us who love the drama in all those 'K' soaps.
HE is an artist who is creative and likes it 'over-the-top'. He makes us what we are and then leaves us on a treasure hunt trail to figure out the logistics needed for life. I want to find all those treasures. So that one day, when I go up there, I can give him my feedback form. Until then, I am enjoying my ME time thinking about what I'd rather be doing..!!!!!

PS: See ya all soon if the Judgement is adjourned for another day...!!!! :-))

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home Alone...

As I lie in bed trying to sleep, my sub-conscious (let's just call it SC) reminds me that I am alone in the house today. ALL ALONE. The fear starts creeping back in. I had, with all my might, pushed it out of me, myself and my system. But it makes its way as stealthily as a snake creeps inside unseen holes, like water seeps through invisible cracks. I remind myself to not drink too much water, for obvious reasons. I would be too afraid to venture out of the room at night. But my throat is dry at the thought of the long night that lies ahead of me. Maybe I should forget all this and try to catch those precious forty winks.But SC is playing games with me. It is reminding me of all those spooky horror stories that I have long forgotten. Does that scare me? To be frank....Yes. I am scared to the bare skin of my soul.
I have started surfing the net. All that meets my eye is what SC wants. I see Live Die Blood Love Care Ghosts. I hope you get the drift. Hmm...The AC just tripped and I skipped a heartbeat. Some strange noise outside that goes like 'thak, thak, thak'. What to do? I am feeling hungry also. Kitchen is a dangerous place to be at night. All those night dwelling creatures decide to make their presence known on the Red Carpet. And when the tube light flickers to a start, they think it's the shutterbugs. I can see them posing right now. :-)) Seriously funny!!!!
This reminds me of a funny incident. Once on a similar night, I was so frightened that I had mistaken an egg for.....what....why can't I remember?? Let me think....hmm...I think I wanted a cookie and was trying to crack an egg instead. horrified I had been on seeing that cracked egg in my hand. I was sure it was the satan's doing. And once my little nephew was so petrified that he let himself loose with the commode cover still over the seat. LOL
*YAWN*  I am really sleepy now. SSShhhh..."speaking in a hushed tone" Just made a maamu of SC with all those stories. He's still engrossed in them. Finally I can enjoy a peaceful sleep.
The clock strikes twelve. SC is dead asleep, and so am I. Well, almost.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's in a name?

Well....lots if u ask me. Being the bearer of a unique name has its advantages as well as short-comings. I can vouch for it because of my name. Since school I have always kind of got extra attention from new teachers beacuse of my unique name. Most of the people could not pronounce it correctly. As for the others, they always joked about it and asked me what it meant. My name has two weirdly different meanings with no connection to each other watsoever. One has its resemblances with my favorite subjet mathematics. Ghata means 'minus' and so people lovingly call me "loss". The other meaning is what my name actually means. It refers to the black rain carrying clouds. And because of a popular stupid bollywood song, people call me "saawan ki ghata" or irritate me with "hata saawan ki ghata". Hmmph.
Anyways, but a good name definitely lets people remember you for a longer time. But there are people who use it. got that right. How can somebody use my name to his/her advantage? Lots of guys in college and even after used to strike a conversation with, "You have a very beautiful name. Just like you." Ggrrrrr.....Had enough of those times. Makes me LOL now.
And the worse nuisances are when people mispronounce your name in a grotesque manner. How can you pronounce Ghata as "gaatha" or "gadhaa" or "gaddha". EMBARASSING times in school and college. Later on, I made it a point to speak out my name before the teacher even attempted any unintended mockery of me and my name in class.
Well, other than the special attention that your name gets you, you also get to create email IDs without any illogical 01 and 02 appended to your name. Yes, you can check my email ID as well as my blog name. :-) That web space definitely makes you feel special.
William Shakespeare said,"What's in a name?" "Lots of fond memories and unique experiences",I say.

Ciao until the next time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

L-O-V-E etc...

The swim was getting difficult. I was finding it hard to breathe. The waves were suffocating me. Everytime I thought that maybe the worst phase just passed, the next monstrous wave would prove me wrong. I had plunged into this ocean with the thought that I would somehow get through. But this seemed to be the beginning of my worst nightmare. I was going to drown. I had thought that I would hold your hand and we would make it. But may be we had assumed too much. It was not going to be easy. A bottomless ocean. Merciless waves. And to add to that, a storm which promised to separate us, forever. I had given up hope. But it was your perseverance that saved us. You always said that we would make it, no matter what. You swam against the tide to be with me. You did everything that you could, to reach me. We held hands again. Your optimism found my faith. And we fought THE tsunami. And slowly the stars of a fateful night began to fade, giving way to a beautiful morning which held promise. A morning which bestowed on me the luxury to be with you. Forever. Suddenly we felt something hard touch our feet. Gosh! We had touched land. We were so engrossed in fighting the tsunami that we didn't realise that it actually forced us towards the shore. We came out of he water and sat silently looking at each other for a long time. We couldn't believe that we had actually come out alive from the ocean of monsters. We could just thank our stars for bestowing on us the good luck to be with each other today, tommorrow and the rest of our lives....

PS: In hindsight, every obsatcle brings out something good for us. I really want to thank everyone who was, and is against us being married and together. It was only because of you guys that our faith got stronger in each other and our relationship went from being steady to rock solid. I realised how much I loved you and needed you and most importantly, how much you loved me. Nobody could have fought the tsunami that you did and the way you did. I respect you and love you with all my heart. As for the rest, may God bless you..!!!! May you all too realise someday that Love, indeed, does conquer all.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Koffee and Karan....a heady concotion....!!!!!! start with, I just love the show "Koffee with Karan", aired on Star Plus every Sunday 9P.M. For the people who watch only the likes of "Friends" and "How I Met your Mother" might snicker at the concept of 'just another celebrity talk show' and be snobbish enough to say that we have nothing edible (food for thought :-)) on Indian television... in that case, you just might want to watch the show to avoid putting your foot in the mouth later.

Bollywood's ace film director Karan Johar dons many hats. Apart from being a director, he has his own production house,  hosts his own show as well as various other programs like award shows, beauty peagents and  even turns designer for his friends on special occasions.I am not really his hugest fan in terms of the cinema he makes, but he definitely has a way with words. The man is very articulate and witty.

But I like him the best in his own show. The kind of camaradarie that he shares with all his guests is unmatched. Though the concept is that of just-another-celebrity-interview-show, it is anything but THAT. The ambience is that of a bunch of old friends meeting after quite some time and having a chat over a cuppa and gleefully talking about past, present, future, unabashedly gossiping about common friends and lots of leg pulling. I have been fiercely following the show ever since it debuted on the small screen and have been hooked on to it since that first episode wich featured Karan's best friends in tinseltown - SRK and Kajol. The chemistry that the trio have - they can blow life into the dead. There's something very believable about Karan that compels people to just be themselves and say what they really think. I have watched all episodes of all the seasons and .....the re-runs as well. Ya...I am that crazy.

PS: Karan Johar doesn't drink coffee in real life..!!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Begging - a choice or a way of life???

Our car stopped at a traffic junction. And similar to all traffic lights in India, there are scores of kids, women with infants and physically handicapped men loitering around. The kids generally try and spot the longest car to clean to make a few extra bucks. The women go around parading the infants in hope that at least 1 window of all those AC cars waiting for the green light, will lower, to give them some money for the wailing baby.  The physically handicapped men too try similar tricks for a penny or two.
As I rummaged around in my purse for loose change, hubby dear gave me a good hearing. “They are all lethargic useless people. They don’t want to work, so they beg on the streets. Please don’t encourage begging by giving them money”, he remarked. I went down memory lane, remembering countless such occasions where people around me – friends and colleagues had objected to this behavior. They say its a million dollar business racket run around by these people. They say why can't these kids and people who are absolutely healthy do some work for a living. I pondered over the thought.
I remembered the time I had a conversation with this little girl in Bangalore. She came from an utterly modest background and was the youngest of her four siblings. She lived with her family in a slum. She told me her mother worked as a construction labourer and her father worked as a rickshaw puller. She told me that she accompanied her mother every morning to the construction site whereas her brothers went to school. I suspected this to be another case of gender discrimination, but still not wanting to presume anything, I asked her, "Are you a very naughty kid that they won't take you at school?". She blushed and said that she was forced to drop out and after a little hesitation continued with the story. "After school, me and my brothers play outside our kholi till our parents are back from work. Sometimes some men in passing-by cars come and talk to us. They want to take me for a ride in the car and buy me cotton candy. But mother has strictly told me not to talk to strangers. One day she saw me talking to one of those car uncles. And she slapped me hard", she flinched even as she said this, remembering of the time. She doesn't understand why her mother won't allow her to go for a 'ride'. I sighed at the sorry state of affairs in our country. Anyways, so she was not allowed to continue school and had to accompany her mother everyday to the site. She had nothing worthwile to do the whole day except play in the harsh sun and sand.
She then continued, "there are some other kids also who come here with their mothers. While their mothers are busy at work, they go to the main road traffic light and beg for a penny or two from the passing by cars, for candy. I too followed their game. Sometimes we collect enough for a bar of ice-cream", she added excitedly. I sighed once more.
A loud honk from behind and I came back to the real world. I looked at the little girl knocking on our car's window. I couldn't help but give her a five-rupee note.

The day I will be able to create jobs to offer these unfortunate people at the traffic lights, I will probably stop handing out these candy bars and ice-creams.