Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Wish List...

Have been trying since long to sit down and a make a wish list of 30 things that I want/wish to get/do in life.
I thought maybe 30 is a big number and I might not have as many things that I wanted to do/get. But, I guess, I had underestimated my greedy self. ;-)
So here goes my list (in no particular order).

1) Read, read ,read and finish all those great classics that I have been wanting to read since forever but haven't been getting any time.
2) Write and get my novel published someday.
3) Join a NGO. Not for the heck of it. But seriously, to be able to make a difference to people's lives.
4) Take up a course in English Literature and Psychology.
5) Write a film script...someday..!!!!
6) Be a anybody from assistant director to a spotboy....just to be a part of a film's shoot from Day 1 till the end. It takes a LOT of effort of a LOT of people to make a 2-3 hr film.
7) Learn photography (atleast the basics)
8) Learn a handful (or should I say mouthful..!!!) of foreign languages
9) To go around the world. To be able to get to know different cultures and religions and traditions.
10) Adopt atleast 1 kid.
11) To get rid of my fears and be able to sleep peacefully at night
12) Learn cooking and make a 6 course meal, atleast 1 day in my life.
13) Exercise and get in shape (This should definitely be at the top of my list..!!!!)
14) To be a good human being, ALWAYS, above anything else.
15) Learn to control my anger, and say 'I Love You' more often to people who matter.
16) Learn Swimming
17) Join dance classes, to learn dancing and to keep in shape.
18) Learn to drive a car.
19) Learn to change a flat tyre.
20) Buy my own house and have an all-white decor (Its something that I have wanted since forever!!!)
21) Own a library in the house
22) To meet Margaret Mitchell (Author of my fav book: Gone with the Wind). I would love to kiss her hands which wrote such a masterpiece amid personal disaster and crisis.
23) Keep the love alive in my marriage (it might be difficult, but not Impossible)
24) Be an orator someday, maybe even a guest lecturer (For the sole love of talking :-P )
25) To visit inmates at Tihar Jail and Arthur Road Jail and talk to them about their experiences.
26) Be a celebrity talk show host
27) Have kids someday and raise them to be good human beings
28) Go trekking in the Himalyas
29) Always have the will to help anyone in need.
30) Act in a movie.(I think I have a very underrated actor within me...) ;-)

I will keep ticking out things as and when they happen. Its not strictly a 30 before 30 list. But, what the heck. I am gonna be 30 all my life. So I got my whole life to accomplish these. Ummm....I think 31 should be at the top..!!!
Ciao guys until next time and keep smiling.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nivss, this one is for you..!!!

I am bored. Extremely bored. My best friend from school, Nivi,  has left work to pursue furthur studies.
No, we were not in the same office. It was even better than that. We used to chat everyday through mails, discussing everyday things and events. That way we didn't need to take out extra time from our already overflowing basket of work to talk and be in touch with each other. That way we were keeping track of each other's lives and also alleviating ourselves from the morbidness of everyday office work and sometimes the morbidness of the office work that didn't exist.
But that has changed now. She is no longer at the other end of the PC waiting for my mail. I still send her mails with a faint hope in my heart that maybe, somehow, she will log in (the FB addict that she is) and will reply to my mail. Alas, that was/is not to be.
Babes, I am missing our silly gossips. I am missing our informative exchange of information.  I am missing my confidante. I am missing your valuable advice. And most of all, I am missing being able to take things off me.
I want and I hope and I pray that you not be as busy as you are, and that you do get time to reply to my mails.
Love you sweetheart :-)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is Old Really Gold ??

Last weekend was as lucky as nerve-wrecking. H's (my hubby) car met with a severe accident. The car looks like old crumpled paper, like a broken toy. Our first car. But then....jaan hai to jahaan hai. Uske upar baki sab kuch kurbaan h.
H is safe, without so much as a scratch whereas the car was reduced to this.

After this, its V2.1 for him as well. Sigh. Hope that the worst is over for both of us. Even though after marriage, you can never be too sure *wink*
Well, happened to watch the new show "India's Most Desirable" that airs on Star World. Another celebrity talk show. But the USP of the show was promised to be Simi Grewal. But, boy, was I thoroughly disappointed. The lady in white has turned black-and-white. Even though she was as charming as ever, the talk show lacked something. I still cannot put a finger at that something, even though she was trying her best to bring out SOMETHING that viewers didn't know about Ranbir Kapoor(I watched that episode) before.
And the most irritating part was RK's mom Neetu Kapoor's views on some questions that had been pre-recorded and were being played on a huge screen after Ranbir had answered those questions. OK. I get it that your son means the world to you and he is the apple of your eye and whatever. But please..can you spare us the PDA please? I was thoroughly sickened by her unequivocal response to every question, "Ranbir is a very sensitive guy. I haven't seen many men like him who are so sensitive and caring. Aajkal ki ladkiyaan don't understand guys like him". Ya right.!!!
Madam...will you please make so much of an effort as to remove the rose tinted glasses through which you seem to be viewing your son from. Huh..!!! At one point, even Ranbir was so embarrassed that he apologized to the audience saying that it his Mother's Love and he really wasn't that good a guy...!!! Thank god for that. I was beginning to hate that plastic grin pasted on his face throughout.
After watching KoffeeWithKaran, this one surely was a thanda show for me. To counter Karan's rapid fire questions, Simi Aunty played a nagging GF to Ranbir so that they come to know his girl handling capabilities. And the audience opinion of the stars portrayed by Karan in each episode was countered by live questions from the audience in the show. The girls in the audience were so convincingly drooling over him. And asking some stupid questions. There was one interesting question though. "Is infidelity mental or physical?", to which Ranbir replied "Physical". Hahaha. The punjabi gora chitta munda, the isshmarrt ass Kapoor finally gave himself away with that answer. All his ex-flames must be clucking....finally the truth from the horses' mouth..!!!!
And in the end, as if that torture wasn't enough, Simi aunty gives a huge trophy to the guests for bearing with her. much for the old adage "Old is Gold". Disappointed Simi Aunty...BIG Time..!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

After Father of the nation, here comes the Brother.....

Bapu, as Father of the nation is fondly known. We all have a father, apart from our biological fathers. But now, we all seem to have a universal brother as well. Confused?
Well, I am talking about Anna. Anna Hazaare. Naam to suna Sorry for the pun. :-)
Anna means bhai. In English - brother.

As his crusade against corruption has turned him into a national hero (and brother!!!!), Baba Ramdev too thought this was an ideal time to take his popularity to new heights. Although Baba too has a huge following around the world because of the aerobics and his miraculous medicines, he is still not the THE Baba. You see, there are a lot of Babas floating around these days. And in these times of shrinking public memory, it is important to be seen and heard. "Strike the rod while the iron is red hot", seems to be Baba's mantra.

Anyways, before people start hating me and calling me names for maligning Baba's image, I want to make my stand clear. I am neither his supporter nor a detractor. Now, while Anna went about his crusade single handedly with a determined outlook and agenda, Baba made it more like a masses' movement and urging his supporters with motivational speeches. I do not support the government either. Baba's fallacy gave them a reason to do what they did, which I decree, was a brutal murder of the World's largest democracy's citizens' rights.

Coming round to why I actually decided to write this post. At first, there were enough of Anna Hazaare support campaigns and Facebook pages and the likes,  and people signed up for these causes online too. But everyone went about their work as usual. But yesterday, during a fire drill in office, we were all assembled in the company's lawns and people around me, almost all of them, were discussing Baba's escapades. The political drama had achieved its purpose, with the real purpose getting drowned in public uproar against the injustice done to Baba and his supporters. My heart felt regards to all the people who braved the police lathis and to the lady who is battling for her life in hospital and may be paralyzed for life.

I heard some intersting snippets there. A group of guys were gleefully venting out their ire using the choicest abuses against the UPA government and why the PM should retire. But mockingly, they compared Baba's chase with the Bhaag D K Bose song. So much for the humour. There was another girl who was captivating her audience by quoting the statistics and never-heard-before views on the matter. Yeah really...we are impressed..!!!! Grr...hmmph.

Nothing has come out this drama hitherto. But I sincerely hope Anna and Baba can create magic together. Even if that means adding a bhai and baba to our universal family.

Alvida until our paths cross again.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For a morsel of food....

Scene 1: An empty plot of land which serves as a garbage dump for the neighborhood. A rag picker, a young boy of about five is rummaging through it. He finds some stale food in a plastic bag among the contents. He, who presumably has not had enough food ever since he can remember, does not give a second thought before gobbling it up. Hunger and heat are driving him crazy. For a morsel of food.........

Scene 2: An overflowing garbage bin in one of the by lanes of an over-populated colony. A woman, a suckling mother, finds a rotten banana among the contents. She has two options. Either to feed the baby or satiate her own hunger. Her motherly instincts win over her survival instincts. The poor baby survives another day. For a morsel of food........

Scene 3: The Great Indian Wedding Reception. One thousand guests, most of whom are pot bellied and go gymming or exercising to be in shape, forget all that their dietician told them. Delicious food laden plates in hand, they discuss about removing poverty and illiteracy from the country.

Scene 4: My office cafeteria. For thirty two bucks, you get a dal, two varieties of subzi, curd, salad, rice and chapattis. And yes..I forgot to add dessert. And you can take as much as you can. Unbelievable right? And people do take as much as they can.

None of the above scenes are fictional. It's a stark reality.
Just becuse we are lucky enough to have access to excess, does that mean we should waste?
Just because you-can-take-as-much-as-you-can in a wedding reception or an office cafeteria, does that mean you should pile up your plates? And even before you are half through it, you realise that you are full. and eventually, the food finds its way to the office garbage bin.

Does that ever make you think about the millions of people around the world who die every day, only because they hadn't eaten in days? This does not happen only when wars/crisis happen. This happens every day in our lives.
I see the last scene in my office repeatedly. Every single day. And these people walk with a nonchalance that very well fits their attitude. Nothing bothers them. Nothing affects them. I just want to tell them....Guys, try fasting for two days. No, not because that will help you reduce weight. But just because you don't have any food. THEN, try to give me that nonchalance. Huh..!!!!

We as a generation are very selfish. The deaths do not affect us they? Well, they don't even affect us indirectly. So we don't want to bother about these frivolous issues. We have more important things at hand like deciding which movie to go for on the weekend, which pub to hit on X's birthday and so on and so forth. When you are busy smearing cake on X's face during the cake cutting, just try and think about the poor kid in Scene 1. Maybe that will help you in understanding my point.

What you throw at life always comes back to hit you in the face. I hope not, for all of us.
A sincere request: Please do not revel in the life of excess, as if you have earned it. We have just been lucky. Be thankful to God for it. And don't waste if you have extra. You have more than enough people to share it with. And the happiness when you see a contended smile is soothing as well as heart wrenching. If you can't give something, at least don't throw it away like it didn't matter to anyone. It does. To a Million People, around the world.

Scene 5: Polished clean plates in home/wedding reception and office cafeterias around the world.

That's the first step towards stopping food wastage. I wish I would see Scene 5 more often. Amen.