Thursday, July 21, 2011

Him and Her...

Things have begun to change. Distances in the bedroom are a grim reminder of that. Fights that used to crop up stealthily, have become a staple diet now. Endearments are far and few. That heady feeling of being in love is finally giving way to harsh reality. She realizes what everybody had been saying about marriage, was, after all, true.

She always believed whatever happened, happened with other people. Not with her. Of course. She had spent enough time with him to know his persona well. His likes and  dislikes. His hopes and aspirations. His follies and weaknesses.
But marriage had brought a third dimension in perspective. Of course, it was not her fault if she could not see these things before. This was the first time that they were living in the same house, together.

They loved the feeling of having the entire house to themselves. They could change the rules of waking up, sleeping, cooking, eating....anytime at their whim. She loved setting up her house and decorating it, like she had always thought she would. He loved being able to spend time with his electronic gadgets as and when he liked. She loved keeping the house in order. He loved his space of being able to spend time in the house, just as he wanted.
But that was the problem. Their 'likes' had begun intersecting now. His spending time at home "just the way He wanted" intersected with her "cleanliness". His "music" intersected with her "peace". "We" now intersected with individual "I's".
They had been transformed from lovers to a true blue married couple.

PS: Its purely a ficitional story. Resemblance to any real characters is purely co-incidental ;-)


  1. Hahahahaha!!! Mast!!! Mujhe aur padna hain.. Jaldi likho!!

  2. hmmm.....coming soon... :-))

  3. Something about this statement * "We" now intersected with individual "I's".
    They had been transformed from lovers to a true blue married couple. * seems this is a true story ! :-D

  4. @mcenley: guess u didnt read the disclaimer....:-))

  5. Obviously I did ... !

    Disclaimers should be read with a disclaimer.

  6. the thought..!!!

  7. disclaimer doesnt help here....:)
    its quite evident...

  8. @Megha: "Its too evident"...really?????? :-O
    Someone's personal life and creative interests shouldn't be seen as a single entity....


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