Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sue me for the Sue-cide ....!!!!!

So according to a new petition in the High Court, (if it is passed) you will no longer be construed as a criminal on attempted suicide. if it even was a deterrent earlier.

Come to think of it, it must be the only crime in the world for which you can be punished only if it fails and not if it succeeds. God forbid should anyone succeed.

I wonder who makes these stupid laws.  It’s like saying we will shoot you if you can't do it right the first time around. Grrrr....

A few days back, I read news that an IIM-Bangalore girl committed suicide because her boyfriend dumped her on Facebook. C'mon girl! What's wrong with you?  I so wished I had gotten an opportunity to speak to her before she took the extreme step of ending her life. But then, that's just wishful thinking.

People say that there is Nothing so bad that should prompt anyone to end his/her life. But barring a few cases where people are battling extreme conditions or have just lost the faith to fight out the demons in their life or people who suffer from clinical depression, there are others who should definitely take a light year to think before tightening the noose around their necks.

I had never been able to fathom how people gathered the courage to literally kill themselves over petty issues. But then their mindset would be different from ours. If only they could think as logically. Hundreds of students kill themselves every year over not getting into IITs and IIMs. But the buck just doesn't there. People in the IITs and IIMs too kill themselves, for low marks, falling prey to ragging or something as un-trivial as a broken relationship. The ones who couldn't realize their dream of the quintessential IIM would definitely be turning in their graves right now. Imagine their horror if the next grave houses the IIM-B girl. No offense meant, of course.

 On a serious note, people with signs of depression should definitely be treated with respect and not be termed as mental. Our society at large needs to grow up and be made aware about healthy and unhealthy mental living and to be more compassionate about others who seem not as gifted and lucky as us. Remember the "Geet" from "Jab We Met"? Sometimes a little madness and a crappy PJ might just help you save a young precious life.

Keep smiling until the next time :-) Ciao

Friday, September 16, 2011

Poll khul gyi.....!!!

Well.....If you are thinking I am gonna write about any celebrity's or neta's (in)famous (s)excapades, you can rest easy because I am not gonna bore you with any of that innane stuff. I'd rather talk about cooking (which I loathe, by the way).

So coming back to the point, this post is about a poll that I did sometime back. I had almost decided not to post the question that I did, and am I glad. The results just blew the cover off the lid. I was expecting to see some masaaledaar fried bhindi and what I got was boiled bottlegourd (Ugh!)

No seriously. What's up people? Where has the sense of excitement and exploration gone? Or is it that I am the only sinner around?

For the benefit of the uninitiated readers, let me rewind a bit. The question was, "Do you reveal your relationship status if you are approached by another boy/girl?"
a) Yes, always. I want to make my stand clear to avoid future issues.
b) No, never. Its none of his/her business.
c) Depends on whether the girl/guy is cute
d) Don't know. Have never been approached.

Now, I was expecting a majority of people to say option b because of the fairly bold attitude of our generation. And also considering the fact that the voting is anonymous. But the stats looked like this at the end of the week:
a) 70%
b) 6%
c) 10%
d) 10%

and I went "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?". You guys gotta be kidding me. Everyone is literally playing safe out there.

So I generally struck up a conversation with some friends as to why they chose option (a). And almost all the "good" gals and gays said that committed people should always declare their "Relationship Status  (RS a la Facebook) to avoid any unwanted "proposals" later. Ok. Point taken.

But wait. I would have definitely marked option (b) because I always do that. And I want to give out the reason for that too, lest you consider me a loose-foot characterless woman, or simply portray me as the antonym of Geet, who was a one-man woman. I am too, very much. But with a twist.

Every new guy that I meet wants to know my RS after the first few times. I guess because he is partially interested. Or he just wants to know, in case he later fell for the chocolate eyed beauty (thats me :-P ), would I be availabe too. In any case, my lips are sealed. I have this habit of analyzing human behavior. And clearly, if I told him that I was committed, I would never get to see the person that he would otherwise be ;-)) Trust me you would want to see that....

And I beg your pardon guys if you find that wrong, but it's all in a harmless way. After all, I am not hiding my RS and two timing H..isn't it?? It's so much more fun to be just what you are, and not be defined by your RS.

Another reason a friend gave for this: She said she revealed her RS to lovers with "proposals" because it was so much easier to get rid of them that way. How crude I say! The poor guy loved you with all his heart and you didn't think twice before bringing the hammer down on him. The last thing a guy can accept is imagining his GF/would-be-GF/would-be-wife as another man's arm candy. But well, that deserves another post.

I, for that matter, never do that. If I had to turn down a guy, I'd (and have) tell me why I didn't like any better than Tusshar Kapoor. Why should I heap the burden of my disapproval of him on my relationship? I think that's unfair to both the guys concerned. And seriously speaking, if I liked him any better than my current guy....I would atleast think about him. I mean, why not? ;-))

But the best part was that atleast some guys were truly honest. Like the 10% who said "Depending on whether the girl/guy is cute", and another 10% who said "They have never been approached". Awww...... Kudos for your honesty people. I wish Cupid strikes all you guys/girls soon, so that you can particiapte in my survey the next time around !!!

Adios Amigos until the next post :-)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Him and Her - Part III

He was sound asleep. She lay awake, her eyes fixed at the ceiling. She felt the nothingness she looked at.

She was going down down memory lane. She was remembering their courtship days. What fun and excitement! The thought brought a smile to her lips. And that sudden action jolted her out of her trance, into the real world. She was lying next to her Prince Charming.

But she hadn't imagined a day like this. When he would turn his back to her and sleep without a worry in the world. And she would have to muffle her sobs in the pillow lest it woke him up. She tried to compare her two lives. She realised they had changed with time. "Or maybe there wasn't any love ever..!!!", she remembered what everyone had said when she had told them about her plans of getting married to him.

She alternated in her views if they indeed were right or not. She had loved with all her heart, and that couldn't be wrong. But it felt like the Love was lost and that did seem wrong.

She accidentally brushed her hand against him. He held it tightly. Like he had always promised.
He turned around to face her. was her crying indeed...and all the while putting up a brave face.

So he had been only pretending to be asleep.

And a hug was all it took to melt away her fears. There were no rights and wrongs then. Only Love.

PS: Sometimes, we cloud our mind with our insecurities and expectations and just fail to see the Love that God has blessed us with. Next time, whenever that happens, just remember, Love is just a hug away :-)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A..A...A....A....AWARD !!!!

Yeah yeah yeah..... I have just been awarded. My First Award.

Its got such an apt pic. The girl sitting with her head down and thinking all crap and being messed up all the time. That's SO me.

I used to be so envious of other peoples' awards and used to wistfully stare at them like kids stare at candies. Now that I have my own to show-off, here goes my acceptance speech people :-P

Dear Bloggers around the World,
Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and making me feel that all the crap that I write actually makes some sense. Although I would like to believe otherwise.

Thanks for your appreciation and criticism and reactions and answers. And above everything else, thanks for sparing your precious time.

It is no fun to write if you don't have people who disagree with your point of view and fight it out with you, or the ones who find your theory amazing and spell out compliments. Its like having your cake and eating it too. For I love to write. All the crap and a little something that makes sense. And getting to meet people who are as passionate about writing as I am.

A special thanks and muaaah to all my "regulars". Thank you people for keeping up your hopes alive that my pen will indeed chalk out a bestseller one day. And everytime you come back here, you reinforce my faith in my ability too.

Last but not the least, Thank you Kally Sir for bestowing this honour on me. As they say, the First one is always special ;-)
This award will be the closest to my heart among all the others that I dream about.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flu Flu...Fly Fly...

Sorry guys for disappearing suddenly. Just a couple of things keeping me away like mom's health, household errands and loads of work in office. Was itching to come back to 'my space' but but but. Right now I am in office and supposed to be reading about something that is supposedly urgent. But the itch has got worse and so I am here, typing in the usual crap stuff.

We always know when the flu season starts..right? People in our school, college, office start getting the flu and we know it. But I always wonder about the first person who contracts it. Like how would he/she know that they might be getting the flu because it’s not the flu season yet, as nobody has contracted it? I am saying all this because since morning my eyes have turned a little red, and have a constant irritation and itching too. And I was thinking, "Oh! It’s not the flu season yet.!" Silly me...I think I am the Chosen One this time around to start the red-eye-wear-goggles trend  :-P 

It was a sad day yesterday. A bomb blast in the morning and an earthquake in the night. News for me and you. Life changing for people who have been impacted by it. Can’t say or do much except the usual RIPs and blame the Govt. routine, curse the terrorists and go back to work. There will be one fine day when I will be gone like this too. Just like that. Because some maniacs like these fireworks that blow up people or worse, maim them for life.

Life seems nothing more than a hide-and-seek game, where the seeker is Death. One fine day, when I will be conjuring up images of a beautiful future with H, or painting imaginary characters for my book, Death's gonna come up from behind, catch me unawares and tell me, "Caught YOU!!!!"