Friday, October 28, 2011

Har ek friend zaroori hota hai...But....

Yeah....har ek friend zaroori hota hai.....aur different bi..!!!! There are acquaintances, friends, good friends and best friends (BF). Everyone has all the above described varieties of friends. But tell me.....can you differentiate between two best friends too? I mean, going by the superlative degree of the verb being used here (best), there is supposed to be only one....but all of us do have more than one best friend..don't we? So, can you choose between them, the better of the best friends, IF you had to?

Even after persistent whines and complaints from S (BF1) that she indeed was better than N (BF2) and that I should acknowledge and say the same, I couldn't. Till now. I found the idea of classifying friends as good, better, best seemed horrendous to me. Almost like casteism. So down market!

But then on days like these, when my mood-o-meter tracks a sine curve, making me maddeningly happy and depressingly sad at the drop of a hat, I do demand a "Show Up" from BFs. And the one who does, is definitely my BFF (Best Friend Forever :-P)

N and S are as different as chalk and cheese. While N is a little like me, S is a classic case of "Opposites attract". So while sometimes I enjoy my "I -too-love-this" times with N, at other times, I just tear a page out of S's life to learn from her awesome attitude. And while "N" just loves the way I write and almost religiously follows my blog, S is a complete cynic who makes sure to ignore my blog as much as she can and reads it only when I shamelessly fling it in her face or make my way to her inbox. So far, S has only commented once on my blog, and no prizes for guessing, the post was about her! So you see....I have the best of both worlds. Ha ! The adulations and cynicism.....
But the problem arises when these two BFs don't get along well. That's the sticky wicket that I gotta face. But then, no pain no gain, remember? ;-)

N, unfortunately, is out of India right now. So, S has the sole responsibility of humoring me and snatching me out of the clutches of gloom that I am covered in right now. I miss N sorely and I am sure this will make S see red. But kya karein...Dil to baccha hai ji.......
S, I am so waiting for you to call..........and trust me, I didn't intend the post to sound like an SOS call. ;-)

And my lovley blogdosts, I miss you all too...but this is the only way I know of reaching out to you. I hope you guys miss me too (that's just wishful thinking !!).
Sayonara until the next post !

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happily Diwali..!!!!!

As I told you in my KC special post, that last week was my Rangoli competition and Diwali game stalls. So the big news is that our team won the second prize in the competition and the stalls were a huge success too. The mood was totally jubilant. Here you go with our prize winning Rangoli. Please let me know if you guys like it too.

And like every year, I will be doing a rangoli for my own house too. Will share those pics with you guys too, and soon :-)
I am sure you all are as busy as I am with the Diwali festivities, shopping for clothes, diyas, gifts and handling the never ending traffic on road.

But it's that time of the year when celebration and enjoyment is in the air and nobody really minds a little extra time. After all, wouldn't you feel weird if you found empty roads while going out shopping for Diwali? Almost the same feeling when you are sitting in the examination hall and cursing yourself for having studied the wrong subject ! ;-))

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to wish all of you a very very Happy Diwali. I pray you all have a great and successful year ahead. I pray that you all touch the pinnacles of success that you have always dreamt of.
I pray that there be no more natural disasters or terrorist attacks anywhere in the world. I pray that everybody has food to eat, a decent shelter to live and clothes on their body. I hope that, atleast, tomorrow everyone has a smile on their face.
I pray to God to give us enough strength to achieve all of the above.

AND And and....Guyss..!!!! I am totally against burning fire crackers as it pollutes our already polluted Mother Earth. So, please refrain from bursting crackers, if you can. Also, please Do not drink and drive. You could utilise that money to achieve any of my prayers above. I would be sooo soo happy knowing even if one of you took my advice. Trust me there is no better satisfaction in life than when you give. You have the power to give so much to the society. And on days like this, please do it! Make sure that everyone around you celebrates the festival in its spirit. And has a smile on their face. :-)

PS: The title of the post is not a typo ;-))

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The First 50....

I had planned on doing a special 50th post...but because of being so busy and all that, completely forgot about it. And as I was just browsing through my own blog, found that I have already published my 50th post. *Sigh* But better late than never...

In a real off mood right now. Sometimes I just feel I could have CCTV cameras installed everywhere I couldn't be. Relying on people for info can be so dangerous. Everyone has their own perspective and it's so difficult to decide who to believe and who not.
The worst part is everyone is so sure. :-(((

Am sad and clueless. Need to figure out a lot of things. Sorry guys for such a depressing post. But this one's just for myself. But I will be back! and SOON! U guys take care until then....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Day to remember...A Day to reckon.....

First things first. This is the first time somebody asked me when I was gonna post next and that she was waiting. Oh My God! Did I just cross that thin line from being just-another-blogger to a celebrity blogger (sorry for the exaggeration guys!!)? But I am just so genuinely happy and excited that I feel like a gargling toddler who has just learnt that he can make some right noises (no pun intended ;-))

I am back after a 5 minute pranayam to soothe my over-dramatic nerves. :-P

So, all that planning and running actually bore fruit. I had an amazing experience celebrating my first Karwa Chauth. This fast is observed by a wife to pray for her husband's long health. What makes it difficult is that the wife cannot eat or drink till the moon's out. But what makes it so special is the love and dedication with which women across the world observe this fast. And for the first timers like me, it sure adds dollops of romance in the kindling fire of love.

For the first time, I was actually excited to go hungry for a day! That's what love does to you. :-)
H gifted me a diamond pendant for the occasion and boy! Was I over the moon?? it.....waiting for it to be out !! :-))

The day went by quite uneventfully until I started to dress up for the evening pooja. I had got my hands hennaed and donned the most beautiful sari in my closet. And that's how happy I looked and felt just before breaking my fast.

We were humming "Chaand chupa badal mein" when chanda mama decided to make the grand entry, the show stopper that he is on the Day. Performed the rituals and broke my fast after having water from H. To sum up, it was great !

And now, the reason for the title of the post. I am a big sucker for memories. This month holds a lot of memories for me. I joined my first company on Oct 29,2007 and left it on Oct15,2010. Joined my present company on Oct 18, 2010 and so complete a year today. H and I also complete 8 months of love and fight and fun and crib filled married life. So far so good.

The rest of the week promises to be as fun filled as the past. I have my Rangoli competition in office tomorrow and my game stalls day after. Wish me luck guys. See you later. Lots of love.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The joker in a magician's robe....!!!!

The blog is facing a draught. And I, the writer's block. No more crazy ideas, no more Alice-in-wonderland imaginations and basically, so-out-of-tune.

But that's only because I am neck deep in work, No, make that forehead deep in work at office and more so at home. As you would have gotten an idea from here. Karvachauth is just around the corner and I am all geared up after all these tedious shopping trips. But then again, no pain no gain :-)

And amidst all this running hanky pansy and putting up new things for the house, I feel like that magician juggler who juggles 4, 5 or even more balls at a time. The only difference being that I am no magician. I drop balls here and there, and then run helter skelter, on my knees, below the bed and down the balcony to retrieve them. In retrospective, I feel like a joker (not the legendary Heath Ledger, of course!) at most times.
But who do I amuse, I don't know. I just hope some people do get amused. What's the use otherwise, no?
Walking the tight rope juggling balls...That's ME..!!!
I am just imagining that maybe, after all, nobody (outside my dreams) is amused watching me make a cartoon of myself.
Oh God! I feel all the more terrible now. I could really kill for some lady-like graciousness and not actually be caught at all times, wearing my oldest ever pajamas and my hair looking like as if I just landed up here from an air crash site! And how could I forget to add, all those supposedly magic balls spilling out of my hands.........wat a magical cum funny sight ! Urghh....

Monday, October 3, 2011

While I yawn.....

I am completely spaced out right now. Into my own.

There is a deafening silence around me. The sound of punching keys brings a sense of comfort. That I am not all alone in this. And that I am in office stirs a little chord in my guilty conscience. But then, I am just sprinkling a little water on a candle that has been lit from both ends. That shouldn't hurt so much, right?

It feels like the lull before the storm. A list of festivities are queued up for the month. We start with Ram Navmi, Dusshera, follow it up with Karvachauth (my first) a week later, and then, Diwali. The month then ends with my nephew's birthday and the next month brings in mom's. I am already mentally tired running here and there, doing the mammoth preparations. Add to it the daily routine of coming to office and going back and looking after the house.

And add to it, the search for a home that H and I intend to buy in the near future and a car that we want to sell off and eventually buy a new one again. And then this dreaded 'Recession' sword hanging on our necks that can come down on us, anytime. It just makes taking a decision so much more difficult.

And then add to it, the mental notes of taking a parlor appointment, getting my bangles and saris in place for the coming festivals and not forgetting to get my hands henna-ed in time.

And then, have to call up the tailor to take the measurements and get the new curtains and sofa covers ready in time. Woof!

I think that's that!
So people, while I yawn and may look like the most lazy person around,  just whiling away my time, I have more than enough on my hands to take care of.
And amidst all that, it just slipped my mind to mention that I got a load to finish before leaving office. *Sigh*