Monday, November 14, 2011

Bye bye Bai.....

So, the latest news on my front is that my kaam-waali bai a.k.a. domestic help has taken a two month hiatus to visit her folks, back in her village. And no....don't run away people. This is not going to be another of those crib-full posts that I have been posting lately.

I, for one, is happy. I have seized this opportunity with both hands. You want to ask me How? Go ahead. Ask me.

Ok. The chatter box that I am. You don't really have to prod me all that much to spill the beans.
My bai is gone and now the baton a la jhaadoo (broom) is in my hands. The reason was my ever expanding waist line. Yeah...joining a gym was a better option, you would say. But since I give competition to the likes of snails, tortoises and kumbhkarans of the world, I decided this was an extreme step that I had to take.

So, no more bahanaas about gym timings, late work, blah, blah...I have to do the traditional jhaadu katka. Every day. Period.

Now, I am a fanatic when it comes to cleanliness and I really take to cleaning like H to beer ;-))
But only now did I realize how therapeutic I find, cleaning the house.
Moving all that trash outside the house is so symbolic of removing mess out of my life. I suddenly feel so peaceful. Calm.
And then comes the mopping part. As the mopped floor shines and looks polished, my heart misses a beat. It soars in the sky with a leap, and I look forward to life with a clean slate, just like the floor.

Once everything is done, I move around the house, double-checking and sometimes triple-checking, that everything around, is in order - the cushions on the sofa, the pillows on the bed, not a single crease on the bed sheet, not a speck of dust on the table, not a drop of water on the kitchen slab, dried bathroom floors, and my list continues.

And as I make sure that, indeed, everything is good to go and I am happy and satisfied, the door bell rings. I know it’s time for H to be home. :-)

H: (shielding his eyes) Please get me my goggles....I can't see anything....

Me: (visibly tensed) Arre, kya hua? Show me....I think it's the dust in our eyes.....

H: No baby, the floor is shining so much that I can't look at anything without my goggles. (wink, wink)

Me: Lol. LOL. (Beat him for poking fun at me.)

H: Ok ok...chalo...I'll go and take a bath.

Me: (gives an expression as if somebody just punched my gut) WHAT? But I just dried the bathroom floors....................

H: SO???? Nobody's supposed to use it now?

Me: No, I didn't mean that......... (visibly depressed at the thought of water on the floor)

I curse myself for having brought this upon myself.
It was so good having the Bai. I appreciated her efforts of keeping my house clean, but now I can't stand nobody messing up anything and everything I just straightened.

H tries and keeps up with my paranoia of 'cleanliness' and I, with his requirements of using the bathroom and other places ;-))
Thank God for our peace keeping mission. Otherwise, my house would have turned into a battle ground (quite literally), and I, for one, would have NEVER been able to tolerate the mess ensued.

PS: People, please give me better ideas for loosing tummy fat :-P


  1. aah so u started doing house hold work like bartan saaf karna, kapda dhona n all??

    Good good :P

    //the floor is shining so much that I can't look at anything without my goggles
    Lol!! :D

    //People, please give me better ideas for loosing tummy fat :-P
    Tummy fat is little dangerous.....try Yoga...there r certain asanas for tummy and hip flabs....I tell u its d easiest way of reducing without using the Gym....

    I personally reduced it more visibly wen i was shifting from school to college...

    It just requires half n hour or evn 1 hour of daily yoga practice....initially it will b difficult...but no pain no gain...once u get accustomed for a week...later on u'll b comfortable!!

    results will b shown in some 2 or 3 months...

    Keep urself away from cheese, icecreams, pizza n other fatty foods!! ;)

  2. @Kally: u seem to be my only religious reader! anyway....thnxx for ur time buddy and I ll definitely try out yoga.....will write another post if I do manage to knock some of the fat off !


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