Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bloggers' Meet is here !!

Dear Peoples of the world,
I hope you all have not forgotten me.
I know that I have done the unforgivable deed of not updating my blog for close to 20 days, which is like an eternity in the blogger world.
Its such a "out of sight is out of mind" world out there *wrinkling my nose in distaste*

Anyway, coming back to the point.
The New Delhi HP IndiBlogger Meet  is happening this Sunday, Dec 11, 2011 in New Delhi, India.

I am so excited to be a part of it. Hoping to see (actually see) and meet all you creative people, who have been following my blog and religiously dropping your comments and compliments in my inbox.
Do drop a comment here if you are planning to attend it. Let's meet and have loads of fun in the real world for once ! :-))


  1. Whats it
    where is it
    i have no idea
    am i a blogger
    i dont know :p

  2. Hey Ghata...Hope u saw me in the Delhi edition of Hindustan Times!!! :D

    If not check my FB wall...!!

    All the best for the meet!! Have a nice time there socialising with the bloggers!!!

    Have fun!!

  3. @Rahul: LOL.....u need to do some soul searching first :-P

    @Kally: Of course I saw you....ans was I impressed !
    And yess....I do plan on having some real fun there !

  4. I have already commented on your last post and
    have also become your follower.

    Probably, you have missed to visit my blog.

    I would be happy to see you in the bloggers meet on 11th Dec..

  5. Was your neighbour for the meet...that is, if you recall :)

  6. yes yes...of course i remember... :-))

  7. Nice meeting you at Blogger's Meet. Be in touch.


I love to hear back from you :)