Thursday, January 19, 2012

Meet the Real Parents!

"God couldn't be everywhere, so he created Mothers!"
"My Daddy strongest!"
No, I haven't suddenly turned all parent-patriotic, armed with a facebook status, shouting from the rooftop "Yes Mama Papa....I love you". No thank you very much. I'd like to do it in my own quiet way, inside my home and not on my FB wall. Because that's the last 'Wall' my parents are going to check for my Love graffiti messages. ;-)

Anyway, the reason for this post was a phone call. Don't ask me who. You are going to guess it by the end of the post.
Pretty much like handing over legacy down to your son(s) and house keys to daughter-in-law(s), there is another phenomenon of handing down torture to the future generations. And yeah, I am not only talking about ragging in colleges! I have seen many of my own juniors who absolutely hated the R-word but, by the end of the semester, were so amused and almost so enthusiastic about it, that they turned out to be those dreaded seniors who didn't spare a single fuccha in college!

Anyway, the point I am driving at is that our parents are just a variant of the "College Senior" species. You know, the ones, who were coaxed into marriage by their own kin, who allured these poor souls into believing that it was the best thing happening to them and that they would live "happily ever after". And like ragging, after all these years of struggle and sustenance and tolerating kids like us, these guys pretty much begin to believe that this is, indeed, a kind of happiness. I think it's not their fault too. Anyone would be disillusioned in 20 years into believing that kind of stuff. :-P

But you can meet these Real parents only, once you are Out of college. So as soon as YOU turn a "marriageable age" according to the "College Senior" species, they will try to allure you too, with day dreams and false promises of a happily ever after life. But you see, kids these days are too smart for that! Now, did we not give them a real hard time, while tearfully agreeing to part with our beloved bachelorhood/spinsterhood status? I can feel some of you giving a crooked smile because you are still revelling in your Oh-So-Single status.

And no, the buck doesn't stop just there. According to the "College Senior", having a baby/planning a baby/getting pregnant within a year of marriage is the best thing that you can do to yourself or with your life. And no, you shouldn't dare debate the topic with them. Otherwise, you will be made to listen to umpteen stories of ladies, who apparently had to go the Ash way (you know, fertility treatments and sky rocketing medical bills and test tube babies!) and That's NOT GOOD! They did it and now you must too. Talk about handing down legacy!

You can act horrified, and say yes Mama and no Mama and try to divert the topic but the "College Senior" never takes No for an answer. Up to you to decide to be the Meek Junior and say, "Yes Sir" or be the Cheeky One and say, "Yes Sir, you heard it right! I WON’T do it!”

PS: Have you met your Real Parents yet?

Saturday, January 14, 2012


So, I had my Eureka moment recently.
Now, I have never been much of a domestic Goddess, which means that I have never been good at cleaning, cooking, baking, sewing, or any of those tasks that girls are supposed to be good at. And then staying alone after college, slogging it out in office and practically living on Maggi didn't help matters much.

So until recently when I got married, I had no need to do any of the above mentioned tasks. For that matter, nobody forced me to do them even later. But it was somehow always on my guilt conscience that I wasn't able to satisfy H with my culinary skills. Apparently, he didn't have a problem with my non-existent knowledge of the kitchen stuff, but a complete disinterest and an almost hateful attitude towards it. So sometimes I have done an odd job or two in the kitchen to please him and, of course, haven't been much of a success.

But recently what happened was nothing less than an experience of what Newton would have felt when he discovered G (gravitational force). And that was when I discovered the magic of the rolling pin and tawa and my Skill. ;-)
For a change, I wanted to rest Ma, and decided to roll out chapattis myself. And was myself left gaping with a Big-Wide-Open-Mouth at the roundness and softness of the roti. It seemed like a mistake, which I wished I'd always do! The first one did give me a feeling as if I was looking at my own baby, and marvelling at my skill of having created it. I don't know how and when the change came over...but what a change!
For most of the ladies out there, it's an everyday job and they are so good at it, and they might feel bored of my making so much fuss about it. But I seriously never thought that I'd be able to do it. H is delighted, to say the least. And so am I, for finally having conquered that bit of rocket science that I thought I'd never be able to. :-P

So, what's your Eureka story?

PS: My nephew M has rechristened me as Drawing-er for helping me with his drawing book, and a Projector ...well u can guess why! The little supercute devil :-))

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A year that was....

I look back at the year gone by. And unlike all the years gone by, atleast for this one I cannot say that it passed by before I said Happy New Year '11.  Majorly because I got married this year.
That year started on a hugely contemplative note, as I was full of anxities, fear, joy and excitement on my impending marriage with H. It was a dream about to come true. And that dream is still as beautiful. Just that no place for any anxities or fear. I have lived and enjoyed every moment with H, ever since fate and destiny joined us together. And gained a lot of love weight too!
There have been a number of vacations, disasters, surprises, the first-fasts, fights and romance. A high-on-spirit year hands down!

And after years of lying dormant in my head or in my Drafts folder, my stories and thoughts finally found a place in the blog and, much to my surprise, struck a chord or two with some real good writers too. I was praised and flattered and awarded and not to forget, the brickbats too followed me everywhere. I want the latter to be there, always, to keep a lzay bum like me on my toes. ;-))

2011 was iconic for reasons galore, even though I am most likely to forget everything else over the years, except that I got marrried (the sadist that I am!).

Team India finally won the World Cup after 28 long years (for Indians, that is as good as 28 light years :-P).

Team Anna jolted out every section of the Indian society outof its slumber and it's indifferent attitude towards the country. It was an awakening of sorts, that will definitely go down in the NCERT History books someday. And someday, I can see myself weaving melodramatic stories of that revolution, for my kids, telling them how it felt to be a part of something that big.

Some real stalwarts like Steve Jobs (CEO, Apple), Bhupen Hazarika, Nawab Pataudi, M.F. Hussian, Jagjeet Singh left this world a lot poorer in 2012.

And finally Beti B was ushered out of her mother's womb and into the love and care of a million Indians. A relief that India could finally stop acting pregnant. ;-))

And yes, you got it right! I am not going to talk about scams, bomb blasts, petrol hikes and the Lokpal that never saw light of the day.
It's just the beginning of the year and I am in too-optimistic a mood right now to talk about crap.

I hope that you all had a great year too and even better things are in store for all of us ( even though I half-heartedly fear the doomsday in 2012). I hope we all reach pinncales of success in our lives, personally, professionally and spiritually. May all those who strive and work hard for a better life, get it. May we all attain a large-hearted and giving nature towards underprivileged kids, homeless women and old people.
May 2012 be happy and prosperous for EVERYONE!