Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vicky Donor - delivers !

First things first. John Abraham - take a bow.
A hard pat on the back for a fresh concept and a good comedy movie, for a first time producer. Good choice !

Vicky Donor is the story of Vicky Arora, who lives in Lajpat Nagar with his mother and grandmother.
It’s a typical Punjabi family setup. The mother is a quirky old fellow who runs a beauty parlor and takes care of the son and the granny, while the son is a good-for-nothing typical Punjabi Delhi boy. The mother and granny is quite a pair with their saas bahu bickering in the day and to die-for chemistry when they are a peg down in the evening.

Vicky’s life takes a U-turn when Dr. Chadha (Annu Kapoor) spots him and convinces him that he indeed has the choicest ermm sperm quality that can satisfy his clients. Albeit he is an infertility specialist. Dr. Chadha does some really funny renditions of the reproductive cycle, that sperm donation is actually a social service that pays as well, and how actually the entire mankind can be categorized on the basis of different types of sperm!
It is all a happy arrangement until Vicky falls for the very beautiful Ashima Roy (Yami Gautam). Their romance is very breezy and believable. The chemistry is good and the whole Punjabi v/s Bengali wedding is quite a laughathon.  The twist in the tale comes when Ashima discovers that she cannot conceive, and that Vicky was a sperm donor and she wasn’t let in to the secret before the wedding.

The second half is a little serious with the whole emotional, baby, and trust thing, but the cast delivers. The lead pair is promising and can act well, and I actually had to reach for a tissue once.
The movie is a brilliant take on a very sensitive and controversial issue. It’s something that could have very easily gone wrong with sleazy and vulgar humor. But the script is intelligent and tight. You laugh, laugh harder and then some more. The songs are melodious. Pani Da Rang is a complete mush song that turns your heart into a jelly. Ayushmaan has done a great job with the acting, composition and as a singer.

It’s a sin to miss this one! A good comedy movie after a long time!

My rating 4/5.


  1. That was well-written movie review that encourages me to watch the movie. A hard pat on your back too!

  2. @umashankar: thank you for your kind words :-) And watch the movie definitely !!

  3. what ever u said I echo it ! am abt to write a review too :)

  4. Well written and well explained!

  5. Nice review... have to watch it :)

  6. now i hv to watch it ..will b diff to miss :)

    1. @RJ : yes yes....go on and watch it... :-)

  7. yeaaa....
    the song is gr88!!
    i am already in love with it!!!!

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