Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Of rainy days, sweet dreams and a phone call....

Since last Friday, I have clicked on the "New Post" button almost like 4-5 times, and written some gibberish that didn't feel right. It's not like how I write. I write when I am so full of an idea that my mind is way ahead of my fingers, which just about manage to capture the essence and put it on virtual paper here. But of late, there have been so many things on mind that I haven’t been able to write about anything particular. So many new things are happening that my emotions are colliding unto each other and I am feeling confused as ever. So here I am, ranting away at my fav place, with my fav people...

1) I had promised to help N with a research paper of  hers. It had seemed very interesting to me at first, but I kinda got bored of it pretty soon. But then, a commitment is a commitment. So I have it at the top of my mind. Don't worry N, I am ON it. <Guilty>

2) I had decided to update the blog with a couple of long pending blog posts, that are still lying dormant in my Drafts. But I have been just too lazy to do anything. <Super-guilty>

3) I had promised myself that I was gonna take out some time to study. But nada, nada nada.<let down>

4) The reason for all of the above is that H and I spent the entire weekend at home, thanks to the heat. But the icing on the cake is that we spent a lot of quality time, chatting up and listening to our fav songs together. It finally rained on Sunday, and so we played scrabble after a really long time, sat in the balcony, soaking up the smell of wet soil, enjoying the cool breeze and indulged in a lot of leg pulling.

Then we went out for dinner and had an awesome time together. And hence, all that guilt feeling was swallowed up by the happy love feeling that I was deep into.<happy happy, super happy>

5) And then, I got to know about the Dove Women’s Indiblogger Meet. And needless to say, I am super excited.
I had a whale of a time at the last Indiblogger meet, and I am so looking forward to this one as well. Are you coming? Please let me know so that we can meet and have fun together!

6) The last but not the least! The Breaking news of the day!
I got a call from KBC today. After all the verifications and stuff, I was told that I had to answer 3 questions. And that if I was selected, I would be moved to the next round.
Now the first 2 questions were pretty easy. But sadly enough, He got me on the third one.

The “question” in question:
According to the Population survey 2011, what is the female population of India, in crores?

 No options.And I had to type the answer on the phone keypad! Hmmmph….

My answer was close, BUT !!It was just that. Close. Not correct! :-((

Those of you who can manage to answer this one without googling it up, YOU ROCK!
 Those of you who can’t, please pray for me that I get through! :-P
After all wouldn’t you all want to see your beloved blogger right up there on the Hot Seat? ;-))


  1. oops... it was a non-happy ending blog post... but still you wrote it with smile on your face...!! nice post..!!!

  2. All the best to you, hoping - praying - wishing you make it to the HOT SEAT.

    Overall Cute post, sums up your changing moods very nicely.

    1. heheheh....thank you so much sweetie for your prayers :-))

  3. Good luck for KBC and hey I noticed that you are from Greater Noida in the today's meet but then got so much involved in meeting the rest that I completely forgot about chatting up with you. It often happens with me..when I decide to do a particular thing, it slips away from my mind instantly :O
    Nevertheless it's great catching up with you on blogger..
    Love your blog
    <3 <3

    1. @Harshita: aww.....thnku soo much for liking my blog....
      And yeah....I am definitely looking forward to meeting you in the next meet :-)

    2. //Don't worry N, I am ON it
      aaah..sounds little mushy....'am ON it' it seems!! :P

      //But I have been just too lazy to do anything.
      Thanks for giving company for this lazy blogger!! :)

      //H & I
      wow..scrabble, rains, eat outs..and this yanked u into happy feeling....!!! Good....in the end family n frds makes us happy!!!

      Nice rey....its been 10 days any updates?? if u r yet to get it, our wishes are always there....!!

      //Of rainy days, sweet dreams and a phone call....
      Actually this appeared to b a book title!!

      So its again a rant post!! Enjoyed reading it!! And pls bring those drafts to the light!!! :)

      Good read Ghata!!

    3. heheh...ur welcome anytime :-)

      and thnku so much for ur wishes :-)


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