Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Women's Day with a difference!

Trust Indiblogger to come up with something unique and spectacular every time I wonder, what next? or what can be better than this? On Women's Day this year, Indiblogger and Breakthrough came together to launch the award winning campaign "Ring the Bell" in India. It's a call to men and boys to come forward and take action to stop violence on women.

The evening started with the special guests of the evening Sir James Bevan, KCMG, British High Commissioner, Rajan Anandan, CEO, Google India, Rahul Bose, actor and activist, Bollywood ringing the bell. There was a small talk between these corporate biggies and two rural women leaders who came forth with some real issues that they face while rehabilitating women.

Rahul Bose ringing the bell!

Sir James Bevan ringing the bell!
The panel discussing women reforms and issues
That's Rajan Anandan, CEO, Google India :-)
And then came the first high point of the show, a performance by Mahabano-Mody Kotwal. It was raw and electrifying, and so much that I know that I am definitely reading the Vagina Monolouges next.;-)

 It was now time for a performance of the band "Swarathma". Hardly anyone in the audience had heard them before. But by the end of the performance they had a fan in each of us. That the performance was rocking, hip, classy and etc. etc., is to put it subtly ;-) H bought a CD of their album, and we have been listening to them in the car since. Trust me, they were GOOD!

Members of Swarathma band performing

That's the whole band together, taking a bow.

The second high point of the day was a conversation between Rahul Bose, Anoop Johnson, co-founder, Indiblogger, Ryan Mendonca, advertising professional, and Advaita Kala, author and award winning script writer. The theme was "Portrayal of women in film, TV and Advertising". It was all great, except that it was too short. With a topic like that, I had expected some disagreements between the highly opinionated participants, some fireworks, but sadly enough, that didn't happen owing to time constraints. But it was an experience listening to these stalwarts nonetheless. (Although, ever since that evening, there is strong brouhaha over one of Rahul's statements, and you can even check that out on the front page of today's Delhi Times).

That's Rahul Bose, in one of the candid moments, explaining his point!

The stunning Advaita Kala

The panel discussing "the objectfication of women"!

My day also got luckier as I got clicked with Rahul and Advaita. I even got the chance to have a little talk with her and tell her that I just loved her book. She was such a sweetheart and indulged us gracefully :-)

And just how a fitting climax should be to such a fantastic night, it was time for another international star Anushka Shankar's performance. Although truthfully speaking, I ain't no expert in music, and neither did I understand what ragas she was playing. But even to a novice like me, the music was enthralling and divine. Not only did she look stunningly beautiful, she played even better. You just had to see her playing the sitar, and the way her fingers coursed over the instrument. It was an experience. To cherish. Forever.

I am not really sure how much of it all really made sense, or if it will actually bring about any change in the whole drive for women. But nevertheless, I have to thank Indiblogger profusely who always give bloggers like us these amazing opportunities to meet our stars, engage with them, and get enough food for thought to form our opinions!


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  2. Lovely photographs Ghata.I hope we attend more such events in future.

    1. Oh....that coming from an awesome photographer herself is a compliment. Thank you IHM. And yes, I do hope to attend more such events in the future and interact more :-)

  3. Sounds like an evening well spent. Though, when they said Ring the Bell, I never thought that they would literally be doing so!

    1. haha...they were walking the talk and talking the...well...whatever! Evening well spent? Nah...way better! :)

  4. It was indeed a memorable women's day....the discussion did give me alot of things to think about while the music was obviously amazing...I bought a swarathma CD tooo...they were soo awesome...:)

    BTW do you mind if I use your clicks on my camera had some issues so I was not able to click any pictures...

    1. Hi Aparajita, you are most welcome to use the photos on your blog :)

  5. very nice clicks Ghatta :) Thanks for sharing it with us :) Can I share this with my frnds on social media?

    1. Thanks Shveta. You are most welcome to use the pics (of course, with a link back to the blog).

      PS: The name is Ghata, not Ghatta ;-)I hope that was a typo :-P

  6. It is really nice :)
    I have read your blog earlier as well. Your posts are definitely good to read.


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