Friday, April 11, 2014

K calls Karma

I was really confused between Kids and Karma for writing my letter K. I started to write about Karma, when I had a brain wave that Kids would be the more suitable topic. So, at quarter to 12, I am typing away furiously trying to finish my post soon so that I could catch some precious 40 winks as my little one snored peacefully beside me.

For the uninitiated, Karma refers to our doing. According to Hindu religion, it is our Karma that decides our birth death cycle. What we do, comes back to us. Karma is our mirror.

But what do you know? I wrote the entire post. And while saving, accidentally closed the window. It said I would loose unsaved data. In a manner of familiarity, I said Yes. And what do you know? I had to come back and write about Karma. Interesting? Ironic?
I wonder what I had done to deserve this ;-)

Also, since I was writing about kids, my favorite kid these days is my own ;-) No points for guessing that one. Leaving you all with a picture of my princess. Hope it makes your day :-) and sets my karma straight!


  1. hahahhhaaah ..Good one. Your little one is such a sweetheart. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awww...look at the adorable doll. :)

  3. Karma and kid nice choice... Awwww You got a very cute doll :)

  4. Hi, I'm not much for Karma, but I love the picture of your babe. She is adorable. I have grands and great grands. They too, are adorable. Of course! Come visit me if you have the chance. Best regards to you. Ruby aka Blabbin' Grammy. as of this moment, I'm number 772 on the blog challenge list.

  5. hahhaa good one !
    Karma was my first choice- but I dont believe in it much hence left
    and that KID's pic just made the K post most gorgeous

  6. Awww. the best part of the post if the lil one's picture. Spread a smile.

  7. God bless your little princess, she is adorable. Great post too.


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