Monday, December 29, 2014

The Year that was - 2014 !

This has been an year of firsts. And the good news is, mostly positive !
I wanted to write this year end post last year, but new mommy hood kept me away from the blog. But this year :)

I think I entered this year cleaning a soiled bum and nurturing a wailing infant. At that time, I could have hardly imagined the kind of roller roaster this year was going to turn into. At one point when I was taking care of the little one alone during my maternity leave (as I was unable to find a full time maid), I was  quite proud of myself. Even though during the day, sometimes it led to frustrations as well. And then came the news of the husband travelling to onsite for a month. We were excited and anxious in equal measures. And then, I was literally all alone for a month with a 4- month old. And to top it, I had signed up for the A-Z blogging challenge before I got the news of onsite travel. So for that one month, I slogged the day with the little one, and wrote my blog post for the next day when she slept. I was and am so proud of finishing the challenge without any cheating :)

By this time, the husband 's stay in Germany got extended by 3 months. My maternity leave was already over. After a lot of negotiations, I was allowed to work from home for a month. Difficult days. The little one hardly slept at night. I worked during the day when she slept. Finally it was time for me to join office full time. I shifted to my parents' place. I drove a 100 kms to and from the office while my mother took care of the hyperactive little one. The stress of it all gives me jitters now. The weather unbearably hot, the traffic jams unending, work at office and a hyperactive toddler at home. In the meantime, I also started the process to get our papers in line so that both of us could visit the husband in Germany.

The story of how actually I got done everything alone, running around government offices all alone is  albeit a long one, and long overdue. I will definitely be sharing it in another blogpost. And then came our much awaited Euro trip. We traveled around Germany, Paris, Switzerland and Amsterdam. Needless to say, it kind of made up for all the past months of rigor.

This year also saw us celebrating little one's first festivals. She has brought so much joy in our's hard to express. The husband finally came back after 8 long months. I think this was also our first long separation after marriage. And that too when our baby was so tiny. We could have hardly ever imagined it.

And then, finally, came the little one's first birthday. Everyone in the family was so so excited about it. I have already written about it here. It was also our first party as hosts. And I am glad things went as planned. It makes me so happy even today, as this was the first time we contacted decorators, bakers and go everything customized. Thankfully, everything turned out to our taste as well

I think this is also the first time I have realized my own potential. Of taking things in my stride and doing them well. Of my strengths. Of my patience and love. This year, I am really proud of outdoing myself in every which way. And for the first time, I am not going to be modest about it.

I already told you, "this was an year of firsts"!! :)

The year end, although, has brought in a lot of introspection. Let's see where it takes me next year!
Adieus amigos until then. See you all on the other side. Keep up your awesomeness until then :)


  1. Awesome!! You must definitely pat your back Ghata...
    Managing a toddler and putting so many things together all on your own is definitely something to feel proud of.
    Ofcourse the Europe trip would have been fun and organizing the first birthday party for ur kid would have been no less than the sweetest cherry on the cake.
    Keep rocking!!!

    1. Thanks a lot M.... I am sure it was a enthralling for you as well, with all the travel :)

  2. Superb yaa.
    And here I am all I have to do is manage a newborn which seems hell lot of work already.
    I so need tips from you.

    1. Firstly, loads of congratulations for your bundle of joy :)
      And yes, you are always welcome for the tips :)

  3. Have a fabulous New year. I am sure you will rock that one as well.

  4. You should never be modest about your strengths and ur capabilities. I am happy u outdid yourself. Kudos!!

  5. Thanks Ghata! Happy new year to you too :)

  6. A first is always the best as you can't feel the same happiness (butterfly effect) second time and having so many first in a year jut wow.Wishing you many such happy years...

  7. So very proud of you, Ghata!! There is really no end to what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it! You've proved that!

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